Journal 2009-11-21 Over 100 GMC Journal Articles!

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The GMC Journal
The GMC Journal

Over 100 GMC Journal Articles!

After almost a year of existence our GMC Journal keeps growing strong!, over 100 articles have been added portraying the latest happenings in our community: competitions, improvements, collaborations, projects and illusions. Take a look at our list or articles!

Remember that anyone at GMC can contribute to our newspaper:

All you have to do is write articles about anything GMC related, here are some examples:

- Challenges
- Collabs & Video collabs
- Site improvements
- Virtual Bands achievements
- Member finished songs
- Uploads
- Instructor related news
- Competitions/prizes
- Pictures
- Personal news: you got some new gear? Improved your playing? Learnt something new? Played your first Gig?....

Help make the best GMC Journal and Newspaper database for all GMC members to enjoy! (And earn your Wiki:er Rank status in the meantime!) All related info can be found in This Thread at our Wiki Forum

Thanks for reading our news, now take a walk into our recent history reading our archives and remember to come back often if you don't want to miss a thing!