Journal 2009-11-25 Get aboard the MTP this December!

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Get aboard the MTP this December!

Lots of people are eager to join the MTP (Mentored Training Program), and once again the doors open for new members to jump in, but let's hear Community Coordinator Chris Evans, who explains it really well here:

"For those that have been waiting patiently in the wings now is the time to get ready to join in the MTP!

As December is rapidly approaching well make the sign up process from now on a lot easier.

All you need do is reply in this thread with your preffered choice of Instructor, I'll add here that we will do our best to accomodate peoples preference but in some cases it may be that "we" place you with an Instructor so it may be worth adding in the reply a certain "style" that you consider yourself to be, for example,

Prefered Instructor : Emir Hot
My playing style : Heavy Rock

So no need to shoot some video of your plaing, you can do this in the intro thread with your Instructor"