Journal 2009-12-03 New GMC Design Goes Live!

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GMC New Design
GMC New Design

New GMC Design Goes Live!

The new design we've been waiting for is finally here! An even cooler GMC is alive, with flashy new looks and all the powerful content we are used to, but let's hear what founder Kristofer Dahl has to say about it:

"As you have probably noticed we have launched the new design today.

The development team will be alert to fix possible bugs - and we are grateful if you report anything you might find. The coming weeks' development work will be devoted to fixing remaining flaws and bugs.

Some of the new features such as the video chat statistics in the header involve third party services - and will therefore not work right now (but we are working on them in this very moment).

We have also done some improvements to GMC back bone scripts and software - one example of this is that you no longer need two different usernames/password for the videos and forum. These background improvements will allow us to develop very cool features in the future."

Pretty cool huh?

For starters be sure to check the frontpage and click on the featured content banners there, there are some tasty surprises to be found! user posted image