Journal 2009-12-20 New MVC Voting!

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MVC Badge
MVC Badge

New MVC Voting!

It's Christmas time at GMC and we are choosing a new MVC (Most Valuable Contributer) once again!

Our latest member to receive this honor was Sensible Jones, and now it's time for you to voice your opinion and vote in our ongoing poll. Reward that special member who is always helping you out & making you have a great time in our boards with your votes!

Instructor Andrew Cockburn reminds us the benefits of becoming a MVC:

Remember that as an MVC you get a special Forum badge, and free GMC membership as long as you remain active in the forums! We have been a little distracted by the site upgrade of late, and hopefully we will be running the MVC vote a little more often in the coming year.

So without further ado, lets get voting and pick a new MVC. As usual, let us know your reasons for your picks, and may the best member win!