Journal 2009-12-25 Christmas gift from our members - C'mon Santa!

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GMCers Rock!
GMCers Rock!

C'mon Santa!

It's officially Christmas Time at GMC! user posted image user posted image ;)

This day deserved a special treat for our members, and some of them have been working hard to deliver it just in time!

Big thanks to Chris Evans, Uncleskillet and Andrew Cockburn!

C`mon Santa!

There I was Just a rockin it Steady
Here comes the solo so you better get ready
Gunna mix it up, I wont let you down
Now I`ve broke a string, When is Santa coming to town

Are you ready, c`mon lets go
Are you ready for Rock and roll
Are you ready c`mon lets go
Grab your coats lets head out to the snow

C`mon Santa
No I dont want socks and bloomers this year
C`mon Santa
C`mon and show me some christmas cheer
C`mon Santa
I`m not even asking for real cool gear
C`mon santa
All I want is picks and strings this year

We shredded licks, and worked it out
the crowd loved it there was no doubt
and then came silence, this feelings strange
I turned around and then I began to feint

bridge etc