Journal 2010-02-28 New MVC Voting Now!

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New MVC Voting

A new MVC (Most Valuable Contributor) is being chosen by our members right now!
MVCs are people who hang around our boards being nice and helpful, they are these guys that know how to solve that DAW problem you are experiencing or which amp will suit your needs best, but most of all they help make GMC the best site on the net with their awesome attitude.

Our Senior member Sensible Jones just opened the voting thread where every member can choose their favourite GMCer. There's a list of nominees selected by our community, so just click on the one that you think deserves it the most and vote! user posted image

Becoming an MVC means a huge recognition, and also provides interesting advantages:

- As an MVC, you will get free GMC membership on a rolling 3 month basis - we will just check that you are still as active every 3 months before renewing your membership, so as long as you stay a top contributer, GMC will be free for life!
- You will also get a special MVC badge (similar to the Senior badges)