Journal 2010-03-29 Instructor's week - Funk Week with Ivan Milenkovic

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Funk Week!
Funk Week!

Instructor's week - Funk Week with Ivan Milenkovic

Ivan Milenkovic is hosting a new Instructor week full of activities, video chats, collabs, new lessons and loads of funk!

Here's some thorough information straight from our boards, by Ivan himself:

- Daily Video Chats (we will cover all kinds of topics, but mostly learning how to develop licks, which is what is always cool to learn.

- 2 Funk collaborations, on for rhythm and one for lead guitar composing.

- 4 Funk lessons (2 for rhythm, and 2 for lead, vintage style and modern style, the lessons will be featured on the frontpage as the week goes).

1st Lesson - Old School Funk Rhythm Guitar
2nd Lesson - Old School Funk Lead Guitar
3rd Lesson - Modern funk Rhythm Guitar
4th Lesson - Modern Funk Lead Guitar

This article will be updated as new stuff is added and collabs are finished, so keep an eye on it! user posted image