Journal 2010-05-21 Improve GMC Competition Winners

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Improve GMC Competition Winners

We have the winners of our latest competition, "How to improve GMC", big congrats to:

1st place: Zen

2nd place: ZakkWylde

3rd place: KaznieNL

You can check their ideas in this thread, along with the rest of participants. This competition sure has delivered loads of exciting ideas & projects that might very well become a reality user posted image Thanks all for your creativity user posted image

This is what the Scoreboard looked when the competition voting closed:


And these are the prizes our winners will get! :)

1st. Prize:
FULLTONE OCD overdrive pedal

2nd. Price:

3rd. Prize:
D'Addario EXL110 Pro Pack

On top of this, and given the importance of this Competition in upcoming improvements for the site, we have some extra comments by Kristofer Dahl, Founder & Rocker of Guitar Master Class, here they are:

Zen has a lot of cool suggestions - here are some of them:

  • A monthly calender with to make it easy to attend all the the cool events/workshops we have got going on in the community. I agree that the way we have it now is quite messy and alot of the good stuff gets hidden in the deep caves of our forum.

This one is definitely coming - in fact it will be a key feature when build our own, customized community software. Among many things, this solution should cover a chat schedule with countdowns and chat topic announcement.

  • Zen is not happy with the direction of the mtp program. We will keep experimenting with the mtp program to find a balance which works from an economical perspective and which allows for continuous learning with a private instructor mentor. I hope to return with an update soon.

  • Zen wants to be able to go back to older recorded video chats - this is something which has been requested by many. You can expect to see this when we have a little more experience from the video chats - so far video chats are very new to us and an unstandardized GMC feature.

As you can see Zen is a worthy winner for this competition - be sure to check out more of his suggestions here.

Zakk Wylde had the idea of offering GMC "Quick Access".

In short the idea is to either sell GMC lessons "piecewise" or offer full access to the lesson archive for a limited amount of time.

Without diving to deep in the realms of site statistics and visitor behavior, I want to say that this sounds like a cool idea. Since many members have requested a cheaper alternative to accessing GMC content we should try to find a way.

When will this happen? Without too much technical hassle we have the option of offering full access for a limited time at a lower price. This is something we could test as a one day offer.

However the biggest limiting factor in making these decisions - is that at this stage GMC statistics aren't developed enough to allow for more complex payment ideas/tests. In order to safely make these decisions we need a custom way of analyzing our statistics not covered by standard solutions such as G Analytics.

This is in the making but not something we have prioritized so far. Our focus has always been to deliver as many user features as possible. However you guys are of course right in the sense that in the long run new successful ways of packaging/selling of GMC content will allow for even cooler user/site features.

Does this remind anyone else but me of how hard it is to achieve that golden balance in life?!

KaznieNL suggested we add a random lesson button. I like this idea a lot - maybe we could even call it "lesson stumble"..? This is probably quite easy to implement - the only question is how/where to present the button logically (without blurring the advanced search with yet an option). Right now I am thinking that it would kind of cool to have really big such button at the bottom end of the frontpage.

  • Kaznie also suggested we move the sign up link to a more prominent spot on the website. Ultimately this goes down to how we want to prioritize with the few pixels we have got to our disposal - a little experimentation with this is a cool idea however. Perhaps we could even do it so that logged in members aren't affected/don't see it.

There were several other cool suggestions as well - Keilnoth had the idea of upgrading the lick of the day page/videos (in the making!) and working out cool algorithms to suggest lessons and learning plans. Member Deleted suggested an iPhone/iPad app (also coming). Once again be sure to check out this thread with all the entries!

Finally I want to say that I think the development of GMC is an amazing journey - and we wouldn't be anything without all the suggestions and feedback that keep coming from you guys.

My goal for the future is to be able increase the development pace so that we don't have this huge queue of awesome ideas waiting. However I try to tell myself when I get frustrated about new features coming to slowly, that this stuff is so new to all of us - if we had the option to do it all at once it would probably end up really bad.

So in some way I think part of GMC's charm is that it's still a web site in the making - it is completely different now compared to three years ago - and my prediction is that the coming three years we will see an even greater development.

Now let's get back to fishing...ehrm I mean practicing user posted image