Journal 2010-06-27 Fresh Collabs!

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Nocturnal Ballad
Nocturnal Ballad

Fresh Collabs!

We've got two shiny new collabs to share with you guys:

- Nocturnal Ballad Collab by Daniel Realpe: This one is a slow-mid tempo composition in the style of mild heavy ballads like Scorpions and even mild Metallica stuff. Our members certainly loved the backing, and 17 people joined their efforts along with Daniel to bring this great sounding final mix.

- Bass Collab by Bogdan Radovic: We certainly need to see more of these, a bass collab is always good for a change! The backing track was an Am piano ballad with funky drums that served our members well to add some bass lines/solos using any technique desired. Hear the final mix here.

Remember that our Collabs Board is open 24/7 providing new activities, everyone invited user posted image