Journal 2010-08-17 ItsMe New Album "In Acoustic Lalaland"

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ItsMe New Album
ItsMe New Album

ItsMe New Album "In Acoustic Lalaland"

Directly from Boston we receive a wonderful pack of eleven songs by our member ItsMe, all bundled in a sweet sounding album named "In Acoustic Lalaland"
You can listen to this wonderful mix of acoustic ballads sparkled with blues & funk HERE!

Not only does our member play guitar but also sing, and pretty well we might add user posted image

For the tech savvy guys out there here's a little insight on the recording process, quoting the author: "All the recording was done with a Lexicon Omega and my Laptop using Cakewalk 7 Producer Edition. I use a Tbone SCT700 Tube MIc an AKG Perception 220 and a LD Systems 1122 (great budget lardge diaphragm condensor) into a PresonusOne Tube Pre. I used a Taylor BigBaby and for the song " Hang the clown" a Yamaha AX-series acoustic with a Piezo and Preamp into a Washburn Soloist. The drums are ezdrummer plus some programming i dd on cheap e-drum kit through ezdrummer"

Here's a wonderful video for starters user posted image

The album is on iTunes now too!