Journal 2010-10-17 New GMC Features In The Making!

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Future GMC Features

GMC Rocker & Founder Kristofer Dahl shares with us some interesting new GMC features in the making, many of them proposed by our members in one of the competitions that took place a few months ago.

Kris brings a few screenshots and concept art of these new features in development, let's take a look:

Lesson Stumble Feature:

Sometimes we just want to be surprised by the overwhelming amount of lessons at GMC's database, nothing better than this new "Stumble" features which will make us discover new exciting lessons we didn't even know that were there before!



GMC iPhone App:

Smart phones are all over our pockets these days. Our members thought a nice iPhone app would be amazing, and GMC development team is already working on it, here're some concept sketches tht hint what the future GMC-in-your-phone will look like!


New "Lick of The Day":

A renewed version of GMC's clasic "Lick of the day" comes our way, as you guys know these are short licks and tricks to add extra phrasing into our playing, now presented as cool "mini lessons". Can't wait!