Journal 2010-11-30 Instructor Cosmin Lupu New Album

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Stripsearch new Single
Stripsearch new Single

Instructor Cosmin Lupu New Album

Our instructor Cosmin Lupu along with his band Stripsearch are presenting their new single these days, called "Silvia".

Check out Asiluum Records website, where you can listen to one of the tracks in the digital pack. Be sure to visit their myspace site too user posted image

About the band:

Vladimir Pocorschi (singer/songwriter/guitarist), Cosmin Lupu (guitarist/singer), Vladi Sateanu (singer/ bass) and Gabi Dragan (drums) are the four members of Stripsearch.

Stripsearch was born in 2009 and it is mainly an alternative metal quartet. It also relates to various musical styles including alternative, metal, ambiental, pop, or progressive, binding them into a powerful musical entity, which can soulfully sing into your ears or blast you away in the next minute. The sound is based on a mixture of heavy guitar riffs, tight, yet complex rhythmic textures, all covered in a multi layered harmonic wall, made up of choires, synths and pads. All of these are being driven by catchy lines which complete the chorus parts. In fewer words – get ready for the Stripsearch!