Journal 2011-05-09 Tersivel (Lian Gerbino) New Album

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Tersivel New Album
Tersivel New Album

Lian Gerbino New Album

It's always great when our instructors release new albums along with their bands, as is the case with GMC's metal lord Lian Gerbino and his band "Tersivel", with their new work: "For One Pagan Brotherhood".

The album contains 12 tracks of pagan/folk metal, influenced by Sicilian music, Italian music, Celtic music and extreme metal.
Check these two vids for starters:

Track list:
1. As Brothers We Shall Fight
2. The Heathen Sun Of Revenge
3. Far Away In The Distant Skies
4. High Germany / Erin's Jig
5. And Fires Also Died Away
6. Those Days Are Gone
7. Tarantella Siciliana
8. We Are The Fading Sun
9. Aeolian Islands
10. Cosa Nostra
11. Pagan Nation
12. Cruzat Beer House Song

Check out Tersivel's Myspace to learn more about the band and listen to their tracks user posted image