Journal 2011-06-21 Stumble Upon Us!

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Stumble Upon Us!

GMC has grown to become a deep guitar lesson database on its own over these years, and as such hides marvellous treasures, hidden under the sands of time!

Many adventurers yet delve into our archives in search of a taste of genious and inspiration, and today they shall be rewarded, for our best classics and rare pieces alike are to be revived and easier to find!

Ok, ok. We are being a tad criptic user posted image let's spill the beans!: we are getting some of our best classic lessons portrayed on our main page, each day, and what's more, we have added an ultra-cool "Stumble" button which will take you to any of our lessons randomly, as many times as you wish. Let yourself be surprised with hundreds of tracks many of which you didn't ever hear before!


Hope you like these new features, and most importantly, we hope they help you achieve your guitar goals with a smile on your face. Because good stuff happens at GMC.