Journal 2011-11-01 Introduce Yourself & Get 15 Riffs

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Introduce yourself!
Introduce yourself!

Introduce Yourself & Get 15 Riffs

There are many GMC users lurking around the GMC lesson archive, without really benefitting from all the knowledge in the forum.

Since all GMC community members say the same thing: "In the forum is where progress & learning really happens" - we decided to prepare a little something for all incognito GMC:ers out there:

Introduce yourself NOW - and get 15, handpicked, exclusive KILLER riffs sent to you! (includes 15 fast/slow videos, guitar pro tab, backing track, scale charts and text explanations)

Here is how:

1 Click here.
2 Fill in the topic title and write your introduction post (Inspiration : Something short about yourself. What gear do you have? How long have you been playing? Which styles of music do you like? Your musical goals for the future...)
3 Click "Post New Topic" at the bottom of the page

Then send us an email to: [email protected]

P.S. Are you already active in the forum and want to get access to the riffs as well? No worries - just post a new topic telling us about your 'guitar story': How long have you been practicing with GMC? What has been most helpful to you on GMC? Then send an email to: [email protected] (active subscription required)

Kristofer Dahl