Journal 2011-11-24 Let's Make a Hit Video Collab

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Gabriel Leopardi
Gabriel Leopardi

GMC Video Collab: Let's Make a Hit!

We run loads of collabs monthly at GMC, and we've been doing so for many years now. But every once in a while we try to make something BIG. Something special.

And that's the case with our latest Video Collab, with a suggestive title suchs as "Let's Make a Hit"!

One of our most emblematic instructors, Gabriel Leopardi, will be leading this one, which surprisingly enough, will be his first Video Collab at GMC. And we are sure it won't dissapoint!

GMC Rocker and Founder Kristofer Dahl will be All IN too, adding lead vocals.
So, what do we need from our members? Everything else!. But let's hear what Gabe has to say about it:

Hello Guys!! Welcome to my first Video Collab at GMC!

The idea is to make something big! We will use an original song that I composed some time ago to create a GMC Hit. This will be a VideoCollab/VideoClip so you can record yourself playing, singing backing vocals, acting, head banging or doing some funny things.

Kris will be recording the lead vocals but we need to write some lyrics for the song. Could you please help us with it? We also need some guitar players that record arrangements guitar solos licks the riffs some modern noises, whatever you think that could work over this tune. Remember to film yourself doing it and to post both the video (mp4 format) and the mp3 file (with and without the backing track).

I’m posting the full mix with Kris idea for the chorus and also another shorter file with some ideas (the lyrics has no sense, it’s just a reference) for the voice melodies of the other sections that I have recorded when I first composed the song.. You can use it to write the lyrics or you can suggest other melodic ideas.

I will edit the structure of the tune if it’s necessary, so feel free to record all the ideas that appear.

The tune is in E minor and the tempo is 145.
Who is in??

Full Song
Vocal Reference (sorry for my lazy vocal performance... it's just a reference!)