Journal 2011-12-09 Sinisa's Hard Rock Collab

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Sinisa Cekic
Sinisa Cekic

Sinisa's Hard Rock Collab

This Collab was actually finished last month, but for some reason it didn't make it to our journal on time. Oh well!, better late than never! Behold... Sinisa's Hard Rock Collab user posted image user posted image

This was done over a D minor backing, so D minor pentatonic and D natural minor shine along our members takes.

Five intrepid GMCers gave this one a go:

1. Sean 00:00 - 00:34
2. MarcoPal 00:34 - 01:06
3. CasinoStrat 01:06 - 01:38
4. Gitarrero 01:39 - 02:10
5. TheFireball - 02:11 - end

And, as usual with our members, they did a great job with their riffs and licks, Check the final mix here!