Lesson Series: “0 To 60, An Introduction to Alternate Picking” - Lesson 30

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Todd Simpson
Todd Simpson

LESSON #30 - Turning these lessons in to licks/chops for use in guitar solos Part II

Lesson Series by Todd Simpson

Lets continue our work turning all these workouts we have been doing, in to chops you can use in a real guitar solo!

  • First up, always do your stretches.
  • Also don't forget to do your index finger/thumb snap workout to build finger strength.

Lesson 30 - Demo Video:

Now then!

30 PART 1

  • Let's introduce another new shape based also on the pentatonic scale that will use all the techniques from the previous lesson as well as give you a chance to work on your streeeeetttcchhhh. This lick will be a real challenge at first. But with practice it gets much easier.


30 PART 2

  • We are going to take part of the "Blues" scale and create a lick/chop that we can play in a solo and that we can loop to work on our speed and alternate picking. Take a look at the tablature.


30 PART 3

  • Let's add a bend in to our pentatonic work. So this lick will start with a bend and transition to a hammer on/pull of. This is a very traditional blues/rock lick but often used to great effect by Kirk Hammett among others in very heavy solos.