Lesson Series: “0 To 60, An Introduction to Alternate Picking” - Lesson 50

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Todd Simpson
Todd Simpson

LESSON #50 - Alternate/Economic/Hybrid Picking & Playing without Picking or the Left Thumb

Lesson Series by Todd Simpson

Direct Link to This Lesson http://bit.ly/gmclesson50 Let’s get back to focusing on our picking. Also, let’s continue to work on our Pinky! Take a look at this tab. It looks like a LOT of notes, but it’s not really that bad as it’s the same shape on each string. Use either Alternate Picking, Economic Picking.

Guitar Pro Tab

OK. Now lets try the same thing without our picking hand. try to mute at the bridge.

Lastly, back to PLAYING THE IMPOSSIBLE. Let’s not use our left thumb! So no picking hand, and no left thumb! Fingertips only.

Now let’s move on to our featured example of the day. It’s a bit more complicated than our warmup but not by much take a look at the tab.

Guitar Pro tab

As you might have guessed, let’s do it without the pick! And then without the thumb as well!

50 Part B (Same as Part A, but with ONLY the LEFT HAND, mute using the right hand at the bridge)

50 Part C (Same as Part A, but with ONLY the LEFT HAND, mute using the right hand at the bridge, and DON"T USE YOUR THUMB on the left hand.)

By the time you can play this at speed using only your fingertips, you are well on your way. Try to keep the neck at an upward angle if possible to ease tension on the wrist. This is usually done by sitting "Classical Style" with the guitar between your legs. Some folks sit "Side Saddle" (with the guitar on the right leg), however, that position puts a bit more strain on the wrist so I DO NOT suggest it to anyone, ever. My goal is for you to avoid injury at all costs.