Lesson Series: “0 To 60, An Introduction to Alternate Picking” - Lesson 58

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Todd Simpson
Todd Simpson

LESSON #58 - Shred in Context Part III

Let’s take a look now at the rythm part we worked with last week. It’s a good example of using alternate and economic picking in the same phrase. You can do it strict alternate, or mix and max economic. In short, it’s a great way to find what picking style works for you. As you speed this up, your hand will have to decide which way to go. There is not “right” way really, just what’s “right” for your hand, style, etc.


GuitarPro Files


This backing is played on the A then on the E string. In the Backing track it’s an A to E modulation. However, you could play this on any open string giving you the ability to create a backing in E, A, D, G, or B as a primary tone.

Let’s play this pattern once on each string.
Now that you have the backing down, let’s move in to the Advanced Solo section. This is a Harmonic Minor pattern in the key of A, that seems daunting at first, but give it a shot. If you can work out the intro, the rest will come easily. We have yet to play this as a group but I”m hoping we can today


Now let’s play the full scale this way.


Now let’s do a Natural Minor Scale by “Threes”. This will also work against our backing track and will work as a solo lick and a hand workout. Here is the descending tab.


Here is the ascending Tab.



ABOUT TODAY'S GUITAR TONE (Here is what I'm using)

I"m using GUITAR RIG 4 during today's lesson so it's a SOFTWARE ONLY tone. NO AMP. The great thing about software is that you can "fake" having a ridiculously pricey amp, towering rack of outboard gear and a large studio room to record in. For home recording, this can be very handy. Trying to record and actual Amp in the same room with the speakers/monitors that you are trying to use to determine what the Microphone is hearing is fraught with problems. Here is the preset in a zip file.

GuitarRig4Preset_Lesson58.zip ( 5.38K )

You can download a FREE version of Guitar Rig to get you started. Here is the link to download COMPLETELY FREE.

-Here is the REAPER multitrack project for Lesson 58 as a zip. GuitarRig4Preset_Lesson58.zip ( 5.38K )