Lesson Series: “0 To 60, An Introduction to Alternate Picking” - Lesson 64

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Todd Simpson
Todd Simpson

LESSON #64 - Mixing and Matching (Alternate Picking and Economic Picking)

In this lesson, we are going to mix and match our picking a bit. We are going to combine, single and fretted strokes with double open string strokes. This creates a very percussive sound and harkens back to our Pedal Tone / Pedal Point lesson. The big difference is a one to two ration of fretted to open string strikes.

We are going to use Ben Higgins KILLER collaboration track HIGH RISK as a backing. (With his permission of course). Here is a link to the Final Video on Youtube

Here is an example of the some of the licks we are going to work on today, taken from this Collab:

Let’s warm up. First, let’s let our picking hand get used to this new pattern.

Attached File: 64a.gp5 ( 1.6K )


Now let’s add a scale in to it. This pattern will work as played against a backing as a solo lick and as an alternate picking workout. It will also work on every string. This is STRICT alternate picking. NO ECONOMIC picking for this one.

Here is the Guitar Pro 5 File for this shape: ( 2.18K )


Now let’s go the other way. Let’s do an ascending patter up the neck past fret 12.

Here is the Guitar Pro 5 File for this shape: 64c.gp5 ( 2.02K)



As our bonus lick, let’s keep with our Alternate Picking / Single String idea but let’s not do a Pedal Point lick. Instead, let’s change shapes as we move up the neck without using a Pedal Tone.

Attached File: 64d.gp5 ( 1.65K )


Now based on this, try to figure out the reverse pattern on one string. After that, try to figure out how to do this ascending and descending, using a standard Minor Scale Shape instead of one string. Try to use your ear for this.

Here is the killer backing track Ben created. Play these chops over top of this and let your fingers fly! Attached File Ben_Higgins_Collab_Set_the_Pace_105bpm.mp3

Lesson files here