Lesson Series: “0 To 60, An Introduction to Alternate Picking” - Lesson 73

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Todd Simpson
Todd Simpson

LESSON #73 - The Magic Pinky Part II (The Secret Sauce of Spooky Technique)

Let’s delve in to “Magic Pinky” a bit more. that oft ignored of fingers that holds the secrete to many wild and frightening techniques.

STRETCHES! - Finger Yoga! (As usual let’s stretch and avoid Carpal Tunnel Syndrome)

Let’s start out by alternate picking this. One we have it down, lets move it down the strings.

Guitar Pro 5 files

Now let’s do a shape that will help us prep for something a bit more complex. Let’s alternate pick this. Use economic if you feel it’s more natural.


Now let’s do something new. We are going to add a “Slide” in to a scale shape and combine with our alternate picking/economic picking.


Now let’s take this a bit further and make a really, really, looooooong scale run with slides.



Here is a link to the forum post with the backing with lead and without lead.

Here is a link to the Guitar Rig Patches (With tons of Delay for rythm and less for lead) from Today’s Lesson

Free Software For Recording (Guitar Rig Free, and Pod Farm Demo and Reaper, etc.)