Lesson Series: “0 To 60, An Introduction to Alternate Picking” - Lesson 75

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Todd Simpson
Todd Simpson

LESSON #75 - Love Me Lesson

In honor of the recent LOVE ME competition by our founder Kris Dahl, we are going to do a LOVE ME Lesson! So LOVE IT! :)

The usual warm up seems like a good idea so let’s do our stretches per usual. Now on to the pain!

Here is the link to LOVE ME Competition on GMC. Check it out if you have not already. Great Song!

Here is the vid to my Solo on which todays lesson is based:

Guitar Pro Files

The first lick is quite a stretch. Just for fun let’s try it as a stretch warmup.


Now let’s look at the Harmonic Minor scale in our Key. Playing it this low on the neck presents some challenges.

Let’s start here with the high strings and work with the shape using our various picking approaches.


Let’s take a look at the scale from the low strings and use some open string technique. Again, let’s work with our usual Picking Chaos. :)


Now that our fingers know where to go, let’s do the entire scale. We are using open strings, and some serious stretching to make this scale happen here. Once you get used to this pattern, it’s very handy in a solo.


Now let’s throw some higher fret work in and attack it with our picking approaches.


Now let’s do something different and add pull offs in it and a huge stretch to combine with our picking! This is the capstone bit for this lesson. Here is the tablature but I"m not going to include the Guitar Pro File as I want you to use your ear a bit and the tab instead of playback through the GP5.


Guitar Pro Tab