Lesson Series: “0 To 60, An Introduction to Alternate Picking” - Lesson 80

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Todd Simpson
Todd Simpson

LESSON #80 - Alternate Picking (Straight Line Speed VS Cornering Speed)

Lesson Series by Todd Simpson

Ben Higgins (Our resident GMC Zen/Guitar Master/Monster) recently was talking about the difference between 'Straight line Speed" vs "Speed in the corners". He has a great point on the difference and why each are important. You really need a strong base in one before you can work on the other. Straight being the first that builds to cornering.

FINGER YOGA! - Let’s do our usual Finger Yoga stretches. Here is a link to the video for references.


We are going to use the current PENTATONIC SHRED COLLAB (From Gabriel Lapardi) as our backing. If you have not joined this Collab yet, bop over and join! It's a great chance to show off what you have learned and play against a very cool backing.


Let's do a lick to work on our "Straight Line Speed". This should feel familiar. It's based on the minor scale and open string as pedal point. Hopefully, the lick is familiar/easy enough to let us focus more on Alternate Picking and overall Speed rather than fingering.

Here is the Guitar Pro 5 file and tablature.



Now let's do a similar lick but traverse strings instead of running up the neck.

Here is the Guitar Pro 5 file and tablature.



Let's now look at playing with our backing and combine our techniques. Here is a pentatonic lick that works well when alternate picked or done more dynamically.

Here is the Guitar Pro 5 file and tablature.


Let's do that same lick an octave up and play them together with our backing.

Here is the Guitar Pro 5 file and tablature.