Lesson Series: “0 To 60, An Introduction to Alternate Picking” - Lesson 84

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Todd Simpson
Todd Simpson

LESSON #84 - Extended Pentashred Licks

Lesson Series by Todd Simpson

Let's do some extended penatonic style shred licks. We are going to use Gab's Pentatonic Shred Collab as our Backing again as it's perfect for this type of work. But first let's warm up per usual! FINGER YOGA!

While warming up, take a peek at this MASSIVE drum kit. I helped setup this session with 16 microphones. Sounded amazing.

Ran across my first alternate picking training pick! The device that helped me break my own speed barrier. It's called the STYLUS PICK. Here is a graphic to illustrate a critical concept.

Im having Vinnie @ VPICKS make me some custom picks that may really help folks I'll let you guys know how they go.


Warmup Guitar Pro 5 File

Let's use this pattern to get our fingers moving and work our stretch a bit. Let's marc this up the neck using picking and hammer on techniques.


Now let's dig in to our licks. We are going to break them down in to workable chunks. Here is the first.

Guitar Pro 5 File


And the next bit.

Guitar Pro 5 File


And the final bit of our first lick.

Guitar Pro 5 File


When we put all that together, we have a cool, long, rock lick that travels around the fretboard and sounds great when done right. Let's Try that lick with our backing.

Now let's try our second lick.


Again, let's break this down in separate chunks. Here is the first.

Guitar Pro 5 File


And the second.

Guitar Pro 5 File


Let's play these chunks together and try them with our backing as well.

Now let's try both licks in a row.

As a bonus, let's work on our PINKY a bit!

Guitar Pro 5 File


Here is our full backing track for reference. (PENTATONIC SHRED COLLAB)

Here it is with the solo bits.