Lesson Series: “0 To 60, An Introduction to Alternate Picking” - Lesson 85

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Todd Simpson
Todd Simpson

LESSON #85 - Funktified

Lesson Series by Todd Simpson

Let's embrace the funk! We are going to use Ivan's FUNK COLLAB as our backing. If you have not joined this collab yet, here is the link. Entries are due Nov 30 2011.

KILLER TUTORIAL (Recording/Audio/Video Using Only FREE Software!)

Ivan just posted this awesome tutorial to show folks how to get pro quality results without breaking the band. Curious about REAPER? Recording Video with Audio? Watch this vid!

Let’s do our usual Finger Yoga stretches. Here is a link to the video for references.


We are going to need our pinky for playing some funk! Let's heat it up. Let's start this shape in our backing key, and move it up the neck.

Guitar Pro 5 and Tab


Now let's move from open string work to closed patterns/shapes. Let's keep focus on that oft neglected finger and move this around the neck after starting in our backing key.


This lick will work well with our backing.

Onward to a two string inversion lick. Combining two inversions, we will move this around the neck to work on our picking and play it on E and B starting strings. It also works well with the backing.

Guitar Pro 5 and Tab


Lastly, let's review a lick from a previous session and apply it to our backing. In lesson 82 we worked on scale inversions on two strings. Let's move that same shape around a bit and play it with our backing. Hopefully, most of you already know this lick and can focus on playing cleaner/faster/better with the backing.

Guitar Pro 5 and Tab