Lesson Series: “0 To 60, An Introduction to Alternate Picking” - Lesson 92

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Todd Simpson (Talk | contribs)
(LESSON #92 - Speed is a byproduct of precision)
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Todd Simpson
Todd Simpson

LESSON #92 - Speed is a byproduct of precision

Lesson Series by Todd Simpson

Today's Lesson is PART II of LESSON 88. We are going to break down the rather complex backing and use it to stuffy alternate picking/economic picking while traversing strings. It's using 16th notes @ 120 Beats a minute. In other words, we are going to work on precision. After that, speed will just sorta "Happen"!

FINGER YOGA! - Let’s do our usual Finger Yoga stretches. Here is a link to the video for reference.


This pattern is an extension of the first. Make sure to use "ECONOMIC PICKING" (Two of the same types of pick strokes in a row, in this case two down strokes.) per the tablature. It will make playing this shape at speed much simpler. (16th Notes @ 120 BPM) This speed doesn't seem that fast on one string. It's the constant back and forth between strings that makes it hard.

Don't forget to PALM MUTE every note.

Let's march this down the neck. Play it twice, then move down a fret. Start around 90 BPM and work as far up in speed as you can. Then slow down the metronome again to 90 and Double Pick the shape (play each note twice)

Guitar Pro/Tux File (Tablature)



It's time to work our stretch a bit! Let's extend this shape and put our finger yoga to good use!

Guitar Pro/Tux File (Tablature)



This version of the shape may feel a bit cramped as it requires a very short fret span. Also, I've changed the pattern a bit. Once all three shapes are put together, they are the backing track for today. A palm muted riff in E Minor. This riff has a Progressive Metal sort of vibe to it. Feel free to use it as a backing or for whatever you like once you can play it. It's under creative commons license so you can use it freely.

Guitar Pro/Tux File (Tablature)



Here is an alternate rythm to play in the B position on the way back up to the A. It provides a bit of variation. This is the way I'm playing it in the recorded backing for today. However, you can skip this if it makes the rythm to hard for now. It's up to you.

Guitar Pro/Tux File (Tablature)


Here is the backing with drums/bass.