Lesson Series: “0 To 60, An Introduction to Alternate Picking” - Lesson 97

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Todd Simpson
Todd Simpson

LESSON #97 - Triads of doom

Lesson Series by Todd Simpson

Let's warm up and get going!

Let’s do our usual Finger Yoga stretches. Here is a link to the video for references.


Let's loop this shape for a bit then play it down the neck to get used to it. We are going to play it against a backing to see how a looped lick can add texture to a rythm track.

Guitar Pro Tab


Let's dip in to that backing track that causes some folks so much trouble a bit back and use it as our backing. Our Lesson 95 Crazy Picking Backing Track.

Our Looped shape will work well with this backing. In the key of A. This shape makes a good loop to work on our picking an right hand left hand synchronization. It can be played slow and double picked or played fast and single picked and still sound right with the backing.


We are going to leverage all the spiff PINKY POWER you guys have worked up over this series and introduce a "Pinky Slide" in to our shape. You will use the pinky to slide up to and back from the high note on the 13th fret.

Guitar Pro Tab


Now let's do a slightly different version of this that we will chain to together with the first one to make a combo pinky slide lick!

Guitar Pro Tab


For our Combo Pinky Slide lick, play Part B, then C, then move C down a whole step, back up a whole step, the back to Shape B. So 1, 2, 3, 2, 1, is the pattern.

This should sound cool against our backing.

Now let's drop the slide and use your pinky and ring finger to fret the last two notes in each shape. This gives an entirely different feel to the lick.

Thanks for coming out to the chat guys user posted image You guys always make it a blast!