Lesson Series: “0 To 60, An Introduction to Alternate Picking” - Lesson 87

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Todd Simpson
Todd Simpson

LESSON #87 - Neo classical

Lesson Series by Todd Simpson

In this lesson, I'm going to pack TONS of stuff in. Hopefully not too much! we are going to do some Quasi Neo Classical stuff to help us with Alternate Picking / Economic Picking and Pinky Work!

Let's warm up and get going!

FINGER YOGA! - Let’s do our usual Finger Yoga stretches. Here is a link to the video for references.

I've been getting questions on what I'm using for my tone in the chats and it's Guitar Rig and OVERLOUD TH2. Here is a spiff preset for GR4. By looking at the modules it will help you build your own user posted image The stock presets did not impress me, but you can build some killer tones with tweaking.



Let's start with a shape that will serve as warmup and workout part A. We are going to work on our AP/ECO and our precision. This shape is a bit of a finger twister so don't worry about playing it fast. It's actually built just so you can't play it overly fast, especially at first. But that's fine, this is more about precision.

Let's loop this shape and then march it up the neck a bit.

Guitar Pro File


Now let's add something to this. It's going to take on a bit of a Neo-Classical Vibe. Which is always good Let's loop this too and then move it up the neck.

Guitar Pro File


Now for the BIG challenge of this series. We are going to use our Pinky to change the alternating tone. This will be a challenge indeed.

Guitar Pro File


Let's switch gears a bit and move to a three string pattern of greater complexity. More AP/ECO work here. Let's loop this and march it up the neck a bit.

Guitar Pro File