Manowar - The Triumph Of Steel Review

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Manowar - The Triumph Of Steel
Manowar - The Triumph Of Steel


General Information

Original Author: The Uncreator

Artist: Manowar

Album: The Triumph Of Steel

Genre: Heavy Metal


01. Achilles: Agony And Ecstasy In Eight Parts
I: Hector Storms The Wall
II: The Death Of Patroclus
III: Funeral March
IV: Armor Of The Gods
V: Hector's Final Hour
VI: Death Hector's Reward
VII: The Desecration Of Hector's Body
VIII: The Glory Of Achilles
02. Metal Warriors (Brothers Of Metal Part One)
03. Ride The Dragon
04. Spirit Horse Of The Cherokee
05. Burning
06. The Power Of Thy Sword
07. The Demons Whip
08. Master Of The Wind


9 Manowar, Quite possibly the most metal thing to grace planet earth. This is album is a testament to there supremacy as the most dedicated band in metal and there supreme Epicness!! Heavy guitars, blazing melt-your-face fast solo's and punishing bass and drum work!


10 David Shankle does a fantastic job on this album, His riffs carry the album in its highest moments and his solo's are brilliant! The melody that encompasses the entirety if "The Funeral March" (Part 3 of "Achilles....") is a beautiful soundscape that really grabs the feeling and atmosphere i imagine for Achilles preparing Patroclus, The way he harmonizes the melody is just phenomenal. The end of the song has him melt your face with impossible amounts of speed and melody, the songs that follow this, such as "The Demon's Whip", "Master Of The Wind", and "The Power Of Thy Sword" contain excellent fury embedded solo's that soar across the song like a warlord on his chariot!


10 Maybe of the most underrate bass players, although Joey Demaio is a bass player who uses a pick, which for some reason, some people tend to view as less talented, his style is unique and truly original. His Solo's (especially the one in "Achilles..."), Melodies, and impossibly strong rhythm will make you headbang hard as the Gods Of Metal beat in your heart!! He tends to be more upfront with his style than most bass players, you hear it in every song, at any given moment, excellent performance!


9 "Rhino", as he is called, pounds the skins on this album. And does he ever do an over the top job, in a good way Rhino has a way of playing on this album that produces a different effect than most other bands, or atleast to me he does. For example, in "Armor Of The Gods", which is a drum solo, he does something i've never seen a drummer do, compose a solo almost entirely using the cymbals, its really cool to listen to i think, one of my highlights to the album.


10 Eric Adams is one of the best singers in metal, Bar None. One of the few singers who have video proof of him hitting a note high enough to damage an amp, Eric's ultra powerful voice is the soul of Manowar, like a masterful speaker swaying the minds of of his listeners, his voice screams the words of battle throughout this album, whether they be Aggressive and Demonic, or Soft, to the point of soothing, Eric's voice is medium of music that will capture your mind.


10 Although some may argue Manowar dont have that great of lyrics, I love them. The way they sing of Brotherhood of the metal brethren, like a giant family, always there for one another, is something ive always loved about them. Metal feels like a second home, and a second family to me, thanks largely in part to Manowar.

From "Achilles: Agony And Ecstasy In Eight Parts - Part One: Hector Storms The Wall"

We will pay with our glory
In the fire of battle
Zeus today is mine
Killing all in my way
Like sheep and like cattle
Smashing the skulls of all who defy
I spare not the hammer
I spare not the sword
This day will ring with my name
None have to chase me
Let he who will face me
Kill me or die by the sword!

From "Metal Warriors (Brothers Of Metal Part One)"

Every one of us has heard the call
Brothers of true metal, Proud and standing tall
We know the power within us, Has brought us to this hall
Theres magic in the metal, Theres magic in us all

From "Master Of The Wind"

In the silence of the darkness
When all are fast asleep
I live inside your dream, Calling to your spirit
As a sail calls the wind, Hear the angels sing
Far beyond the sun, Across the western sky
Reach into the blackness, Find a silver line
In a voice i whisper, A candle in the night
We'll carry all our dreams on a single beam of light

Close your eyes, Look into the dream
Winds of change will winds of fortune bring?

Fly away to a rainbow in the sky
Gold is at the end for each of us to find
There the road begins
Where another one will end
Here the four winds know
Who will break, And who will bend
All to be The Master Of The Wind

Overall Impression

9 An excellent album with Fast riffs, Epic songs, an amazing singer, superior dreams, and bass work straight from the Gods. Manowar fans who don't own this, i highly suggest picking this one up, An album well worth the buy!