Nady Rack Mounted Power/Line Conditioner RF/EMI Filter Review

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Nady Rack Power
Nady Rack Power


Original Author: Todd Simpson

Weapon: Power/Line Conditioner RF/EMI Filter

Make: Nady

Model: Rack Mounted Power/Line Conditioner RF/EMI Filter

Price: 40$

The unit

I recently puchased a NADY AUDIO PCL-800 POWER CONDITIONER and I must say I'm impressed. The unit is rock solid and can be had for under $40. I bought it from Musicians friend on clearance and they are out of them, but I also found it at for $39, here is a link.

I've got my guitar amp, a separate mixer/amp, two racks full of gear, and a computer plugged in to this thing and it has yet to fail in any way. The power is always clean and free of noise. Something I can't say for my previous off brand unit. There are 8 power plugs on the back and a lighted switch on the front. It's a simple device but very handy for powering your gear with a single switch. If you are looking for a new power strip/power distribution unit/power conditioner, give this one a try. It's a great unit and the price is hard to beat. Here is the feature list from the Nady Site.



  • Triple mode varistor surge and spike protection
  • Eight rear outlets (with room for four “wall warts”) controlled by front panel switch
  • 15 amp rating (1800W) with rear panel circuit breaker (UL)
  • Rugged single-rack space metal housing for maximum reliability
  • EMI/RFI filtered, spike/surge protected and switched

Here are some more pix.


Here is a pic of the back of the unit.