Panzerchrist - Roomservice Review

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Panzerchrist - Roomservice
Panzerchrist - Roomservice


General Information

Original Author: Owen

Artist: Panzerchrist

Album: Roomservice

Genre: Death Metal


01. Tomorrow
02. Creature
03. Lies
04. Suicide
05. At the Grave
06. Death Approaches
07. Metal Church (cover)
08. Roomservice
09. The River Red
10. Evil


Panzerchrist's sound can only be described as blast beats a plenty - drummer Reno never seems to let up with the excessive use of the double bass, Reno once held the world record for most double bass beats in a minute (clocking in an average 14 hits on the bass drum a second) and it shows, the bass rarely goes a second without being hit during the entirety of the album. Panzerchrist's whole sound relies largely on glaringly large amounts of echo to help this album achieve its spooky, nefarious and on edge aggression. Its well produced, but lead sections seem to be amiss at some points or drowned by the huge sound of the drums and rhythm guitar, little can be said for the almost non-existent bass guitar.


Strangely enough this album does have lyrics, whether they are interpretable to the normal human ear is questionable but I can certainly make some of the powerful growlings from Bo Summer, maybe not enough to admire the albums lyrical concepts however. Upon, very close inspection, some lines of Panzerchrist's morbid warfare obsession become clear, for example the following passage is perhaps the most memorable of the whole album's course :

"We have our differences
Death and me
But we are so similar
So very alike "

Quite a powerful statement, yet by far an egotistical one, for someone to liken themselves to death is stretching reality ever so slightly.

It is also quite iconic that at the end of each song the last line is always:

"Death, Forever Panzer"

Overall, Panzerchrist's lyrical prowess is lacking, as is their originality, fellow death metal band Bolt Thrower are also avid fans of war and mechanized warfare, so this is really not a new lyrical subject to a genre already stuffed full of band's raving about death and gore.


Bo Summer has more than one style, which makes things a bit more interesting than standard death metal fare, with both powerful lows and his screeching highs in his arsenal, one can not help but contemplate how digitized these have become from the original recordings however as, at points, they appear to overly integrated with the music. It's a testimony to his ability however that he does seem to have the technique down to a tee. Don't expect any cleans here, its raw and powerful.

Guitar Work

Excessive use of alternate picking at points, there's a few lead lines but as I've mentioned before now they are drowned out by the rhythm guitar and thudding drums, overall it doesn't express a huge impression of skill but it does create a commanding sound which is no doubt what the band were looking for on this outing.

Overall Impression

The fast-paced drum work is perhaps the best thing about this album as it does bring huge presence to the equation, however the rest of the workings are perhaps what you would expect from bands such as this. Its proficient and sufficient as to what it does and creates. Fan's of complete aggression may be enthralled by this album, whereas the more questioning among you may find yourselves being large skeptics. It expresses one emotion; rage, if your interested in the nuances of things such as opinions and feelings go elsewhere, but if you regularly find yourself ravaging the local moshpits for the fun of it, this one is for you.

Recommended Tracks :
01. Tomorrow
06. Death Approaches
08. Roomservice


Tomorrow - Panzerchrist