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Current REC Rank

Your current REC Rank is:
Experienced Tone Master

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Lesson Upload & Results History

Rocking Tune Intermediate

Verdict: Level 6 Pass 92.5%

Flea Style Slap Bass

Verdict: Level 6 Pass 77.2%

Hammer-on Slap Lesson 3

Verdict: Level 7 Pass 78.2%

Phrygian Dominant Soloing

Verdict: Level 8 Pass 78.4%

Acoustic Figerpicking Muris Varajic

Verdict: Level 4 Pass 91.36%

Mark Knopfler Style Lesson Rock Vintage Lesson, by Muris Varajic

Verdict: Level 7 Pass 82%

Thrash Metal Lesson Thrash Metal by Gabriel Leopardi

Verdict: Level 7 Pass 77.36%

Neoclassical Etude #1 Metal Epic Lesson, by Marcus Lavendell

Verdict: Level 5 Pass 84.88%

Tapping and Legato Lesson Shred Legato Lesson, by Muris Varajic

Verdict: Level 8 Pass 87%

Extended Tapping Texture

Verdict: Level 7 Pass 90.8%

Legato Stamina Hard Rock Lesson, by Ian Bushell

Verdict: Level 7 Pass 83.6%

Canon Rag

Verdict: Level 7 Pass 81.6%

Party Man Solo 2 Rock Other Lesson, by Ian Bushell

Verdict: Level 7 Pass 87.6%

Practical Sweep Arpeggios

Verdict: Level 7 Pass 86.7%

Legato Rock Solo

Verdict: Level 8 Pass 91.3%

Blues Bass Groove 2

Verdict: Level 3 Pass 89.6%

Blues Bass Groove 1

Verdict: Level 3 Pass 97.8%

Reggae Style Bass

Verdict: Level 4 Pass 98.53%

Country Picking Intermediate

Verdict: Level 6 Pass 98%

Blues Bass Groove 3

Verdict: Level 3 Pass 94.53%

Chords On Bass

Verdict: Level 5 Pass 94.13%

Ska Bass

Verdict: Level 4 Pass 8.6

Motown Funk

Verdict: Level 3 Pass 7.6

8 Finger Tapping Basics

Verdict: Level 6 Pass 9


- Your five highest graded passes are: 8,7,7,8,8
- Which makes for an average level of: 7.6

  • That average grants you the title of: Tone Guru


-You have completed a total number of lessons of: 24

  • That number grants you the distinction of: Experienced

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