Quadrim - Music Theory Series Part 5- An Extensive Look To The Chords 1, Power Chord Basics SI Lesson

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Hello and welcome to the Music Theory Series. In today's lesson we will study power chord basics. Let's begin.


In music a power chord consists of a root note and the fifth intervall and sometimes we can add a octave. Generally these chords are played on a electric guitar with distortion.To name a power chord, just take the root note and add a "5" after it. Like E5, A5 etc.

We can play a power chord with different ways.

First way is the common way we know. Let's take a look at this with an example.

E5 Chord:

-If we look at this chord, we can see that the open note in the E string is the root note of our chord.
-The note in the 2nd fret A string is the fifth interval
-The note in the 2nd fret D string is the octave. This note is written in a paranthesis, because we can play the E5 chord with or without this note.

Another way is playing the same chord without the root note.

E5 Chord:

We can play this chord just with 1 finger.

Another way is playing same chord with Drop-D tuning. Then our E5 chord becomes this. We can also play this chord just with 1 finger.

E5 Chord:

That's it for the power chord basics. If you have any questions feel free to ask me. See you in another lesson of MusicTheory series. Keep rocking! user posted image