Roland Cube 30 Review

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Roland Cube 30
Roland Cube 30



Original author: Shredmandan

Weapon: Guitar Amp

Make: Roland

Model: Cube 30

Price: $199.00

I have been waiting forever to get this amp and i finally got it.

AMP= Roland Cube 30

Price Paid=$50.00US and Playstation 2///Sells for $199.00+New


This little but tough amp 20 pounds is well built and solid in my opinion.It's not going to break on you easy ,roland did a great job on this one.Basically your standerd looking practice amp.


I love the sound of this amp.I really dont have anything bad to say about the sound as it's good for every playing style out there.The sound doesnt get worse as you crank it up only better.It's very loud for it's size and wattage and a great amp for practice and small gigs.This amp has a mean low end especially for you Metal lover's like me and the clean settings are out of this world.


The Roland cube 30 is loaded with built in features and 30 watts.I have used many low to mid priced stomp boxes and they dont compare to the sounds of the effects built into this amp.Features 6 different amp combo's like R-fier(great for thrash) Metal ,Classic stack,Brittish combo,Black Panel, and acoustic sinulator.It really sounds like an acousitc on this setting.It has a three band E.Q Bass,Mid,Trebile along with Chorus,Flanger,Phaser,Tremolo,Delay and Reverb.There is plug ins for a footswitch headphones and Aux in and recording out.

Best Features

My favorite features on this amp would be the heavy low end Metal sound i get from it.I also love the delay on this amp.It's perfect for fatting your sound especially when playing leads.The delay is not crazy long delayed notes it's just enough for what you would want to sound great.The chorus is Boss quality sounding aswell.To be honest the delay on the amp alone would have had me sold because i have tryed to find this sound forever now and i finally have it.A good example of the delay im talking about can be heard in Walliman's tapping lesson .


Not much for me to complain about.I would say that it could be better if you could use more than 2 effects at a time .You can pick from chorus,flanger,phaser,thremolo one at a time along with delay or reverb one at a time for a total of two effects at once.Maybe more wattage would be nice as well along with footswitch coming with amp rather than purchasing seperate.

Overall Rating

9.0 I cant see how someone would not like this amp .It is mainly a practice amp but for the money you cant go wrong or get a better sounding amp in this price range loaded with high quality effects.Wether your a Metal head ,Dead head or a blues man this amp will do you justice.