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Funk Rhythms
Funk Rhythms



Hello GMC,
I am back with another lesson, this one is about Funk Rhythms

Short info about me:

My name is Sigge Bjerkhof, im 29 years old living in Copenhagen, Denmark. Ive been playing music since i was 16 years old, i lost interrest in music for 6-7 years, but joining GMC made me want to play music again user posted image
I primarily like funk, jazz and rock music but i can enjoy a good metal shred as well now and then.

The Lesson

Now lets get started :

I composed this little tune for my lesson, it contains some funky chords but also some regular chords.
Before we go to the main video i would like to write a few words about this lesson, it can be played both with a pick and without a pick using your fingers. I have choosen to use my point finger, as i feel like it gives me more control when muting the strings.

If you are only used to playing with a pick its certainly possible as well, here you have some video examples of the basic right and left hand technique used in this lesson, note that i used a pick in the example, but in the main video's i used my finger.

Left hand technique: Lefthand.mpg ( 2.94MB )

The main thing here is to hammer-on the chords using your fingers while holding a barre as shown in the video.

Right hand technique: Righthand.mpg ( 3.64MB )

The most impordant technique when playing rhythm funk is to constantly pick up and down the strings, you also have to mute the strings when you arent playing any chords, it might take some practice to combine the two techniques but once you got it down its really fun user posted image

Main Video

Tempo: 110 BPM 4/4

Main video: Mainvideo.mpg ( 11.2MB )

Part 1

Part 1: vid1.mpg ( 7.68MB )

Chord progression:

We start off with Em7 chord played as shown in the examples, muting the strings is alpha omega here, as they create the vibe that goes with the style, we are landing on the 9th using our pinky.

Part 2

Part2: vid2.mpg ( 6.74MB )

Chord Progression:

Part 3

Part3: vid3.mpg ( 6.92MB )

Chord Progression:

Now we take a trip down the fretboard to visit Amaj9, i choose to take it on the 12th because it gives the song a lift using higher tones as a contrast, you have to mute the Both E strings, i use my thumb for the low E and my pinky for the high E.

Part 4

Part4: vid4.mpg ( 7.39MB )

Chord Progression:

Hammer-on D#m7, and from Hsus7 to H

Part 5

Part5: Vid5.mpg ( 4.9MB )

Chord Progression:

Final riff of the song, you dont have to strum here, just hit the notes at the right time according to the beat.

Backing Tracks

And finally we have the backing tracks

80 BPM : Backing80.mp3 ( 2.29MB )

90 BPM: Backing90.mp3 ( 2.04MB )

100 BPM: Backing100.mp3 ( 1.83MB )

110 BPM: Backing110.mp3 ( 1.67MB )

Thats it for me, i hope some of you found it usefull , ask away if you have any questions