Slayer - Reign In Blood Review

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Slayer - Reign In Blood
Slayer - Reign In Blood


General Information

Original Author: Guitarman700

Artist: Slayer

Album: Reign In Blood

Genre: Metal

Track listing

1. "Angel of Death" (Hanneman) — 4:51 2. "Piece by Piece" (King) — 2:02 3. "Necrophobic" (Hanneman/King) — 1:40 4. "Altar of Sacrifice" (Lyrics: King; Music: Hanneman) — 2:50 5. "Jesus Saves" (Lyrics: King; Music: Hanneman/King) — 2:54 6. "Criminally Insane" (Hanneman/King) — 2:23 7. "Reborn" (Lyrics: King; Music: Hanneman) — 2:11 8. "Epidemic" (Lyrics: King; Music: Hanneman/King) — 2:23 9. "Postmortem" (Hanneman) — 3:27 10. "Raining Blood" (Lyrics: Hanneman/King; Music: Hanneman) — 4:17 11. "Aggressive Perfector" (King/Hanneman) 1998 reissue bonus track — 2:30[I] 12. "Criminally Insane (Remix)" (Hanneman/King) 1998 reissue bonus track — 3:17


Slayers sound on this album is brutal and chaotic, but in a melodic way. some awesome riffing and brutal rhythm from Hanneman and King, and the tremolo picking solos sound, at least to me, like the screams of the dying.


Is this not the reason you listen to slayer? you know its going to be fast, melodic and gut wrenching, and it is. the opening to Raining blood is the most metal thing ive ever heard.


Dave Lombardo is known as the godfather of double bass for a reason. hes killer! the drums scorch and blast straight into your ears, and it resembles a musical assault. his drum style is near perfect, IMO.


Tom Araya is the perfect vocalist for this band. his screams and vocal style blend perfectly with the guitars.


A great album, but not for everybody. great riffing from king and hannemen and some awesome vocals from tom. a stone cold classic. 10\10