Sleep Terror - Sleep Terror Demo's Review

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Warrel Dane - Sleep Terror - Sleep Terror Demo's
Warrel Dane - Sleep Terror - Sleep Terror Demo's


General Information

Original Author: The Uncreator

Artist: Sleep Terror

Album: Sleep Terror Demo's

Genre: (Instrumental)Progressive Technical Death Metal


01. Androgynous Charade
02. Ginsu Frenzy
03. Ascetic Meditation
04. Diurnal Enuresis
05. Probing Tranquility
06. Dysrhymtic Vexation
07. Hypnogenic Qualm
08. Hypersomnia Rationale
09. Vaugue Sentiments Unveil
10. Xmas Medley


While only having 2 members, A Guitarist and a drummer, Sleep Terror retain a place in my book as one of the most technical, melodic, fast, and intense bands around, From the super fast double bass of the drums, to the machine gun riffs, and super fast melodic solos compiled jazzy interludes, Creates an awesome atmosphere. But of course, not all will find the guitars intriguing, heavily geared toward the death metaller.


Fast, technical, impossible, beautiful, and super melodic. You may think all this is is useless death metal played at fast speeds, Well it is death metal played fast, there is also a lot of jazz influence, showing very much so in all the solos. And even though a large majority of the solos are insane fast sweeps, legato runs, and impossible tapping, it is done so very tastefully as to creat a very audible and clear melody, which is quite pleasing to the ears. The clean tone at times is a bit on the dry side, but its a small nuance in there music.


Once again, fast and technical. The blastbeats hammer out relentlessly and the double bass shoots out like shotgun shells. Every so often, since Sleep Terror is not actually signed, some of the songs are done with a drum machine, its quite obvious, But the drum machine's sound is very good i think, i love the way the crash sounds in all the song, and the grooves that accompany some of the solos are very intriguing. Overall, a fantastic performance, especially when there actual drummer, Dave Mcgraw is on the recordings

Overall Impression

A very enthralling jounrney through fast and virtuoistic guitar and drum work, the songs all remind me a giant battle, and although there is only 2 members, the still create a very wide and energetic atmosphere. Awesome if you are into technical, and melodic guitar work.