Switch Innovo 4 Custom Review

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Original author: Marc_Maiden

Weapon: Guitar

Make: Switch

Model: Innovo 4 Custom

Price: $200 second hand


I was in search of a back up guitar for my ibanez rg520. I needed something affordable, and what better place to do that, than to go to ebay.

I saw this one for the first time, and i thought wow what in the heck is this???!! but after a while i thought hmmm cool....so i look at reviews and everything was positive although i was a bit skeptical because it seems like with all "low end" guitar reviews, the beginners give them 10/10 reviews...so yeah, didnt buy the reviews one bit

I decided, what the heck, its a back up, $200 wont kill me.

2 days later, it arrived at my door (the seller was only 300 miles away from me), and this is what i have to say:

Own musical preference

I try to be as versatile with my playing as i can be, throwing in blues scales here, going to jazz there, and of course, my main preference: progressive/jazz rock/metal

Ease of use

This guitar was very easy to set up, i took it to a tech however, because i like to support my local mom/pop shop, and no matter how good i get at setting up guitars, my tech will always beat me by 30 years of experience.

It's a pretty basic guitar, 1 volume, 1 tone, a vintage style wilkinson trem, yaddadadada you get the picture...for ease of use, id say as long as you know how trem works and how to set them up, you should be fine!

Sound quality

The guitar comes equipped with EMGs economy pick ups called "Select" by EMG

They are not bad at all! after recording the video i realized that they are a little thin, and could be a little warmer, but ive never been much a fan of EMGs any way.

The cleans are beautiful, and the distortions are cool,

It's great for stock pick ups, but 3rd party pick ups always are better

The electronics are great, so those dont need upgrading, so good deal there!


Very solid guitar. The guitar is made out of "vibracell" which is a type of plastic made to emulate tone wood. It is very heavy, and tough, i dont think it would crack if you dropped it. (dont drop yours please) The nut at the headstock is not a plastic one, its a graphtech one, so that + locking tuners = tuning stability which adds to the reliability. ive been playing with the whammy bar all day and its been keeping perfect pitch (yay)


The neck is amazing, its smooth and fast....thin like an ibanez wizard, but round like an esp...great combo. it has uniform profiling so the higher you go up, the flatter it gets...which makes it easier to solo up there

The frets are level, the neck is straight, and the fret edges are smooth!

The only problem (and this is my fault) is that the strings i bought to replace them were strings ive never used before- earnie ball regular slinky gauge 10. it feels like they have some sort of coating over them that makes the string feel...yucky and slow to play....i can get around it, and it can build me dexterity, its like playing on an acoustic all over again...oh well, i usually do di adarios but the shop was sold out (not the mom/pop one i went to, another one close to work)

Anyways, the body is extremely comfortable, the bottom horn, is like a bed for the back of your hand, its like it rests there when you solo in the higher frets...beautiful....its a bigger body, but it feels snug to play which i like (like a nice thick blanket)


sound- 7/10
playability- 8.5/10
looks- 10/10
value- 13/10


wilkinson trem
grover locking tuners
EMG select pick ups
graphtech nut
good quality fret work

Price: $200

Link to ebay store: http://shop.ebay.com/merchant/arshs_powerguitarseller

Note: if you want better sound clips with backing tracks and other styles of playing, let me know and ill do some when i have time

This review and video isnt as long or detailed as i hoped, but im leaving out of town soon and wanted to have this done

Thanks for reading!

VIDEO Review!