Vintage Delay Stomps & Modelling

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Vintage Delay Stomps & Modelling

An article by Mertay - Board Thread

I'll go step by step, first check this video a few seconds on how these delays sound (they're the most popular ones these days)

So you'll notice there is degredation (frequency, distortion...) on each repeat that sounds very pleasing aside the regular volume drop. This is the nature of bucketbrigade delays, it was invented to mimic tape but in time accepted to have its own thing going on among guitar players.

I checked both amplitube and bias demos and this degredation isn't happening with their "bucketbrigade analog" delays! most are like digital with less highs...this isn't a bad thing (many likes digital delays) but I'm simply one of those who likes more vintage I guess...

I asked about this in a forum, apparently such delays are very important on dubstep music (you learn something everyday) they gave me advices and non of them was marketed for guitar players...figured the reason why I wasn't happy with the delays I had as I usually prefer delays to reverb whenever possible.

Bad news continues; the only freeware is this; its windows 32-bit only and not so good to my ears but better than noting I guess...someone also recommended VoS NastyDLY but to me its not whats needed...


The affordable one is this; apparently its some sort of a legend plug-in among some users. Its pretty good actually but 40 dolars...


Other suggestions given to me; echoboy (I tried this and didn't like it), bloom, relayer, NI Replika XT...Sure can be demoed but be careful with price+cpu usage.

Upcoming plug-ins are D16's Repeater (good but probably expensive) and the guy from Valhalla is currently coding one (worth waiting, his reverbs are good and affordable).

Let me know if you guys have advices for alternatives (I don't have every amp sim. so I might have missed something)

Keep in mind, both the pedals on that video are 150 bucks in USA but also there's the ibanez mini delay that gets good reviews and its 100 dollars... If you're getting you tone (specially distortion) outside the computer (amp, processor, pedals) might be worth getting one...