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22 Jul 2014
The guitar duel piece by Steve Vai in the 80's film Crossroads

Being one of the older guys here who grew up in the 70's and 80's it was THE No 1 challenge
21 Jun 2014
I was just looking at a email shot I received from a guitar shop, advertising Jackson Limited Edition JS23 Dinky Archtops forĀ£129.

Now I don't know anything about this guitar but going by the price I assuming it's an entry level model.

It made me wonder whether some of the quality brands are damaging their reputation by not having a clear distinction in name between their entry level guitars and their standard high quality guitars (I'm not talking about the really high Custom Shop guitars here).

I can see from a marketing point of view they are using the good name they made for themselves to sell the lower end stuff, so guitarists can brag about playing a Jackson guitar, so think they can buy with confidence even though the price point is low, but it's confusing if you are trying to get a clear picture of the brands range.

Fender have so many models of their two main guitars, but they have Squier, which separates the entry level from the rest by brand name, much like Gibson has Epiphone, Musicman has the By Sterling series etc. Ibanez have at least categorised theirs into ranges, so you know what is what.

16 Jun 2014
I was on a guitar forum earlier and wrote a post on a guitarists thread where he was offering over 10 hours of his guitar lessons for $50. I simply wrote that I had already bought the first two lessons a couple years ago and how much I liked them and how I appreciated his simple explanation to quite a complex subject and found his teaching really drew me in like Ted Greene's does (on video)

He just surprised the hell out of me by sending me the rest of his lessons for free, what a nice guy and a great start to the week!

I'm not surequite what the etiquette is on GMC so I'll refrain from posting any links, as I don't want to offend the owners and instructors on here.

I've always preferred spreading word of good experience and products etc rather than the negative and it's nice when it is appreciated.
16 Jun 2014
I had another breakthrough / epiphany in my guitar playing journey yesterday.

It was one of those moments where you slap yourself on the head for being so slow.

Anyway, I was in my car going over a chord progression in my head that we were using in a song at church that morning and I heard a nice sequence, so as soon as I grabbed my guitar I worked out what it was. Nothing groundbreaking just 3 arpeggios that followed the chords and a nice descending run with some repeated notes in with some rhythmic phrasing.

But it was the descending run that made the lightbulb in my head go off!

Every now and then I'll hear a run or sequence that sounds so cool (usually by Paul Gilbert, Nuno or someone) and when you work out what's going on it's nothing unusual just a basic scale with some repeated parts etc. So I'll try and make some up of my own and they sound 'meh'

And that's where it clicked for me, it's about function and context. The reason the runs sounded cool was the phrasing and repeated parts served a function over the progression and rhythm they were played over, hitting chord tones or creating syncopation etc.

So now when I what to practice composing sequences and runs, I'll give myself a musical situation for context.

It seems so basic and like common sense, but I firmly blame all the instructional videos out there that teach this way, Yes even you Paul Gilbert!
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