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Charlie Parker

This Bebop lick outlines Bb7 sounds with the use of the Bb mixolydian mode.

The lick is built around the Bb Mixolydian scale and begins with an AbM7 arpeggio, followed by a D-7b5 arpeggio.

Use the neck pickup and cut the high freqs with the tone knob if necessary.
I use the Mesa Boogie V-Twin preamp on the clean channel connected directly to the sound card and I'm adding a little reverb and compression in Pro Tools.

E Blues

Here we mix E major and E minor pentatonic scales to get a typical Blues phrasing.

A nice and classic lick with a repetitive motif in E Major pentatonic in the beginning and the minor pentatonic scale at the end.
Try to begin the lick on the first or the third bar of a 12 bars Blues.

I use the Fulltone OCD pedal and the clean channel of the Mesa Boogie V-Twin preamp with some reverb added in pro tools.

Hot Country

Here's a cool lick using lots of open strings : It begins with a repetitve motif and ends with the G blues scale. I also use the chicken picking technique: the pick + middle finger

It's in the key of G and uses the G Blues scale.

Use the bridge pickup to get that classic country twang tone. Also use a compression pedal/plug-in with lots of compression because we want a highly "squished" sound. Add some reverb and a slap-back delay (100ms to 300ms with a single repeat).