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Funky B flat

A major sounding alternate picking jazz lick with interval playing and chromatic approach.

This funky jazz lick is in the key of B major, and uses Bb6 as a starting point. The rhythm is comping with swing feel on the Bb6/9 chord, and the scale is mostly Bb major with an added chromatic passage in the second bar.

Guitar: Modded US Strat, neck single pickup, tone knob rolled off.
String Gauge: 11-48
Amp: Amplitube 3 software, Fender silverface with spring reverb, and vintage compressor stomp.

Bluesy Power

This a blues/rock lick. You can hear similar licks in albums by Joe Satriani, Kenny Wayne, Zakk Wylde etc. Play it with your heart!

We're playing in the F minor pentatonic scale + "blue" note.

I use the middle pickup of my Ibanez Rg7620 guitar. I set a Line 6 Pod X3 live, with a Twin reverb Preamp + Tubescreamer pedal.

Ascending Thirds

Ascending lick that uses various picking techniques. It ends with a bent lick and a full A major chord.

Uses A major scale notes in third intervals alternating between high E and B strings.

I used a Gretsch Brian Setzer Nashville guitar straight into Amplitube 3 with Vintage Compressor, clean Fender Bassman, spring reverb, and a 410 cab with N87 mic.