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Full Version: Take 2: Modern Rock Ballad Licks
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Original lesson: Modern Rock Ballad Licks by Gabriel Leopardi

Hello guys, Here another take from me. i focussed for the past period on the fast lick and some others. The fast lick is just a little beyond my level i think. Sometimes i get it but sometimes not. but i keep working on my speed in the bootcamp.

Links to previous attempts at this lesson:
Gabriel Leopardi
Hi mate!

Great to see you continue working on this one. I can say that all the things that I've marked here now show improvements here. Your playing is tighter, groovier, and there are many licks that are much closer now.

There are other parts that obviously need more time (like the fast alternate picking pattern) and other tricky sections, but you are on the right track. You just need more time of practice, isolate this parts, and as I said before, work on complementary exercises that help you to master the trickier sections.

One thing that can help to improve groove is to try to move your right hand up and down with the groove even when you are now playing. Try moving it in 16th notes and you should see an important groove improvement as soon as you feel comfortable with the motion. Moving a bit your body and head can also help.

Ok friend! Let's continue working at the mentoring thread! wink.gif
Todd Simpson
First off congrats on learning this entire piece. Also, super congrats on playing it with groove and feeling. I think you can make it through this piece with some more time and work.

I notice at :16 seconds in, the fast lick sorta falls apart. It's the kind of thing we work on in bootcamp. I'm sure you will beef up your alt picking skills with a few more bootcamp missions. I've seen you make good progress. Keep that up!!

Then at 1:00 you lost it a bit on that bend. It's not to pitch and sticks out kinda bad. But it's just one bend. With a bit of time, I"m sure you can nail it.

I like your overall groove on this. I can see you are getting in to the music and that's important. Just a few technical things standing in your way. With a few more bootcamp missions I'm sure you can do the scale bit.


Kristofer Dahl
Very cool - this is on another level compared to your previous take.

Interestingly enough - it seemed you nailed the faster run a little bit better last time. This time around however, pretty much everything else was elevated to a new level.

This goes to show that every difficult part needs to be practiced separately at a tempo where you nail every note.

I do still think this is a very valuable lesson to practice just for the slow parts - so unofficially I am almost ready to give you a passing grade here. However the lesson difficulty is labeled as 5 because there are some challenging runs - and you need to somewhat nail those before I can grade your take.

Keep up the killer work!
Darius Wave
Hey there!

Nice to see you back! It's been some

I'm happy you are awars of your level. Unfortunately I have to agree with you - these faster runs sound like you are not ready for them yet. I think it is more a general skill problem than just these few runs - your hands are not worked out enough to handle faster playing. It's little hard to name it precisely but I'm sure you know what it's about.

The tone is just fine. Little "paper like" for my taste but I know it was a purpose and somebody used simialr one (for me it has more like straight line out treble end, rather than guitar speaker). It's subjective so don't bother much smile.gif

At the beginning of chorus part (and in it's middle we experience some problems with hand sync - right hand hits the note which is not fretted properly - more percussive noise than a note tone.

I'm sure you enjoeyd the track, cause it's very pleasant in both cases - listening and playing smile.gif

I would suggest also to go just a little lower with guitar volume in the mix. The structure of the track leaves a lot of space in the frequency spectrum for guitar to cut throgh.
Pass: 6
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