About GuitarMasterClass

GuitarMasterClass is a place where you can improve your musical skills and meet people with similar interests. The main focus is to having fun while learning. We believe that your learning curve is most effective if you are having fun at the same time. GuitarMasterClass also strives to inspire students to find their own unique style. To help you become a great guitarist, we have collected a crew of skilled guitar instructors from all around the world. They are on and around the site 24/7 to answer questions, give feedback, and show support.

GuitarMasterClass, often called GMC, was founded March 12th 2006 by Kristofer Dahl a professional guitarist, instructor, and resident of Stockholm, Sweden. GMC is run by the Swedish company Rock My Web AB, owned by Kristofer Dahl and Maria Gasch.

One of the first lessons ever, Curious Coincidence became very popular. GMC grew steadily in a short period of time, and today thousands of daily visitors and members take part in video lessons and the friendly GMC community.

Important events

  • GuitarMasterClass was founded March 12, 2006
  • In June, 2007 Rock My Web AB is officially the owner behind GMC
  • GMC Community completes the first worldwide song collaboration: "You Ready?"

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Price Information

Subscription with Paypal or credit card costs 15 usd (1 month), 70 usd (6 months) 110 usd (12 months). The subscription renews automatically after the period you have chosen. If you do not want to renew, you can click here anytime to cancel your subscription. The days you have already payed for will remain regardless of when you cancel.

One-off payment with Paypal or credit card costs 140 usd for 12 months. This payment does not auto-renew. .