Lick of the day

Fuse it!

Here's a challenging 16th note triplet pattern. You could play it with hybrid picking - but it's also a great lick for sweep picking!

The backing track is a D-7 vamp, so we will use the D Dorian sound.
I use several arpeggios from the C major scale : CM7 / D-9 / E-7 / CM7. Try to find your own combination!

I use the neck pickup with a clean tone and some reverb. Of course, you could add some overdrive!

Stevie Ray Ending

Typical SRV blues lick. He used this kind of lick to end a phrase. Pay attention to the bends - you have to play this in a powerful way!

We're playing the Am pentatonic scale.

I use the middle pickup of my Ibanez Rg7620 guitar. I set my pedalboard Gt8, with a Twin Reverb Preamp + Tubescreamer pedal.

Third Intervals

A major lick played with intervals.

A major scale.
The third interval is the basis of major and minor chords. There are two different kinds of thirds, major and minor.

Use the bridge pickup, which is the best for the classic Telecaster sound. Software used for this kind of sound is Guitar Rig 5 with a factory preset: Country Twang clean.


In this lick we're going to work on our fingerstyle technique and add some percussive parts to make an interresting guitar accompaniment.

We are in the key of B minor and for the D chord I play the third (F#) on the bass to get a smother transition between the G and Em chord.
As you can see the rythm is very syncopated and we enhance beat two and four (the snare drum) with our right hand.

I use the neck/middle pickup and the clean channel of the Mesa Boogie V-Twin preamp with some reverb added in pro tools.