Arpeggio Melody

This lick uses short arpeggio pieces to form a melody. Watch out for the double sliding move, and try to make it sound as fluent as possible.

The harmony is in Eb, and follows a I-II7-V7-I-II-V7 progression. It starts with eight triplets and goes into swing.

I used a Gibson ES-335 electric guitar, neck humbucker, Amplitube 3 software (Roland Jazz Chorus, medium settings, with chorus), some reverb, vintage compressor stomp, and post tube rack compressor.

BB King Lick #3

A classic blues lick from BB King, one of the greatest bluesmen of all time!

Here we mix C major and minor pentatonic scales to get BB's typical phrasing. Also notice the fast signature vibrato.
You could play the lick on the C7 or F7 chord.

I use the Fulltone OCD pedal and the clean channel of the Mesa Boogie V-Twin preamp with some reverb added in pro tools.

Country Lead

Here's a cool country lick to be played over a G or G7 chord.

It's in the key of G and we use a mix of the G minor and major pentatonic scales. We have a classic chromatic line at the end of the lick, resolving on the major 3rd of the G/G7 chord.

Use the bridge pickup to get that classic country twang tone. Also use a compression pedal/plug-in with a lot of compression because we want a highly "squished" sound. Add some reverb and a slap-back delay (100ms to 300ms with a single repeat).