Phrasing Thirds

This is a slow-paced jazz lick with arpeggiated lines and interesting intervals.

The lick is in the key of F major, and we start off with an ascending arpeggio, followed by third interval licks. Rhythm is swing.

Guitar: Modded US Strat, neck single pickup, tone knob rolled off.
String Gauge: 11-48
Amp: Amplitube 3 software, Fender silverface with spring reverb, and vintage compressor stomp.


This is a descending lick for ending solos, or for turnarounds. The lick has one sharp bend, and it involves cool crossing patterns in the minor pentatonic box 1.

For this lick the focus is on the minor pentatonic scale, but with added dorian and blues scale notes. Works well over I-IV-V progression.

I used Amplitube 3 software for this mini lick with compressor and Vox AC30 emulations, reverb is Altiverb 6 spring reverb.
The guitar is a Fender Stratocaster, neck single pickup.

Major Riffing

Here is a major pentatonic riff, ideal for a song intro.

E major pentatonic and A major pentatonic.

Use the bridge pickup, which is best for the classic Telecaster sound. Software used for this kind of sound is Guitar Rig 5 with a factory preset - Country Twang clean.