Arpeggio Melody

This lick uses short arpeggio pieces to form a melody. Watch out for the double sliding move, and try to make it sound as fluent as possible.

The harmony is in Eb, and follows a I-II7-V7-I-II-V7 progression. It starts with eight triplets and goes into swing.

I used a Gibson ES-335 electric guitar, neck humbucker, Amplitube 3 software (Roland Jazz Chorus, medium settings, with chorus), some reverb, vintage compressor stomp, and post tube rack compressor.

Shuffle Rhythm

A blues rhythm lick, suitable for shuffle rhythm, reminiscent of Freddy King.

This lick is in A major, and uses a I-IV-V 12 bar progression. Timing is 4/4, shuffle rhythm.

I used Amplitube 3 software, with a compressor and Fender style amp simulation, reverb is Altiverb 6 spring reverb.
The guitar is a Fender Stratocaster, neck single pickup.

Fast n Fun

Pay attention to your right hand as this lick is played very fast.

C Major Scale.

I use the middle pickup of my Ibanez Rg7620 guitar. Pod X3 Live, with a Twin reverb Preamp + Tubescreamer pedal.