Altered Voicings

In this lick we will take a look at several useful altered voicings.

This E7 altered chord is basicaly a seventh chord in which we replace one or more diatonic notes by non diatonic notes: the alterations are b9, #9, #11 and b13.

Use the neck pickup and cut the high freqs with the tone knob if necessary.
I use the Mesa Boogie V-Twin preamp on the clean channel connected directly to the sound card and I'm adding a little bit of reverb and compression in the DAW.

Robben Ford Lick

Here's a blues lick in the style of Robben Ford, built with the G minor add 6th pentatonic scale.

The minor add 6th pentatonic scale is basically a minor pentatonic scale in wich we replace the b7 by the 6th. The result is a modern sounding scale and of course you could also add the major third and the blue note. Play the lick on the G7 chord (because of the major 3rd), but the minor add 6th pentatonic scale also works well on the IV7 chord !

I use the Fulltone OCD pedal and the clean channel of the Mesa Boogie V-Twin preamp with some reverb added in pro tools.

Rapid Dominant

Fast Dominant 7 lick which will get your left and right hand going!

Learning to play fast solos requires you to learn to play slow! Slow it way down and analyze your technique carefully until you discover what is holding you back. The whole point of playing slowly is to give yourself room to analyze your playing, identify any tension or bad habits that are holding you back. Experiment to find your optimal technique and let your brain and muscles gradually learn - to consistently get it right.

E Dominant 7 scale.

Use the bridge pickup, which is the best for the classic Telecaster sound. Software used for this kind of sound is Guitar Rig 5 with a factory preset - Country Twang clean.