Lick of the day

Chord Anticipation

Here is an example of 'chord anticipation' over a two chord progression : F7 / Bb7.

The idea is simple: we anticipate the new chord on the last 8th note of each bar. Once you're comfortable with the rhythm pattern, apply it on various chords progressions.

Use the neck pickup and cut the high freqs with the tone knob if necessary.
I use the Mesa Boogie V-Twin preamp on the clean channel connected directly to the sound card and I'm adding a little bit of reverb and compression in the DAW.

Albert King Lick

Here's a blues lick in the style of Albert King, built with the C minor pentatonic scale.

Nothing fancy here, just the C minor pentatonic scale with typical Albert King string bends.

I use the Fulltone OCD pedal and the clean channel of the Mesa Boogie V-Twin preamp with some reverb added in pro tools.

Stylish Country

Modern country school based on musicians such as Brad Paisley, George Strait or Toby Keith... When flirting with other genres or subgenres, country playing may sound more modern and more interesting!

A Mixolydian

Use bridge and neck pickups/middle position, the best for the classic Telecaster sound. Software used for this kind of sound is Guitar Rig 5 with a factory preset - Country Twang clean.