Lick of the day

Dominant 7

Jazz/funk dominant 7th riff, followed by a dominant ascending lick. Watch out for the muted strings, and pinky stretch on the C# note.

This is a major-based lick on the dominant chord of the D major key. I also use the mixolydian scale and blue notes in A.

I used a Gibson ES-335 electric guitar, neck humbucker, Amplitube 3 software (Roland Jazz Chorus, medium settings, with chorus), some reverb, vintage compressor stomp, and post tube rack compressor.

Xtreme Bending

Here's a challenging lick to work on unusual string bends!

In the first bar, I'm bending up the F note on the E string (13th fret) and grab the C note, wich is already bent up on the B string
to make the realase bend.
For the two whole tone bend, remenber that your thumb is like an anchor and it will help you to get the needed strengh!

I use the Fulltone OCD pedal and the clean channel of the Mesa Boogie V-Twin preamp with some reverb added in pro tools.

Country Lead 2

Here's another country lick in G using some open strings and chromaticism.

This lick is in the key of G and we use a mix of the G minor/blues and major pentatonic scales.

Use the bridge pickup to get that classic country twang tone. Also use a compression pedal/plug-in with lots of compression because we want a highly "squished" sound. Add some reverb and a slap-back delay (100ms to 300ms with a single repeat).