Lick of the day

Ronny Jordan

Here's a syncopated jazz funk lick in the style of Ronny Jordan.

For this lick I use the D dorian mode combined with the D minor pentatonic scale. Nothing complexe, just be careful with the syncopations and make it groove!

Use the neck pickup. You could also cut the high frequencies with the tone knob to get a smoother tone.

Blues Rhythm

Let's learn a classic blues pattern, a shuffle in the key of A.

Here we play the first chord (A7) of a classic 12 bars Blues progression. The chords are A7 / D7 / E7.
You could slightly mute the strings with the palm of your picking hand.

I use the clean channel of the Mesa Boogie V-Twin preamp with some reverb added in pro tools.

Chicken Picking

We'll use the chicken picking technique with our right hand, so I'm using the pick, the middle and ring finger throughout.

The lick is in the key of A and its built using both major and minor pentatonic scales.

Use the bridge pickup to get that classic country twang tone. Also use compression pedal/plug-in with lot of compression cause we want a highly "squished" sound. Add a some reverb and a slap-back delay (100ms to 300ms with a single repeat).