Here is a modern sounding lick which uses several fourth intervals.

We are in the key of C major and we use the D dorian mode here.
Playing scales in fourth intervals is a very good exercise for your left hand!

I use the neck pickup with a clean tone and some reverb. Of course, you could also add some overdrive!

SRV Shuffle

Here's an E blues shuffle guitar part inspired by SRV.

The trick is to mute the strings with your left hand when playing the up beat/ up stroke.

I use the Fulltone OCD pedal and the clean channel of the Mesa Boogie V-Twin preamp with some reverb added in pro tools.


A slide is a legato guitar technique: one note is picked and the next note is produced by sliding the finger up or down to another fret.

E Major scale

Bridge pickup, the best for country lead sound. Software used is Guitar Rig 5 with a factory preset: Country Clean.