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    • New lesson "Metal Essentials - Riffs #4"New lesson from Darius Wave!
    • New lesson "Jam School: Motivic Development"New lesson from Kristofer Dahl!
    • New lesson "Nothing But Thieves"New lesson from Gabriel Leopardi!
    • New lesson "David Bowie Style"New lesson from Javier Aviles!
    • New lesson "AC/DC Malcolm Young Style"New lesson from Guido Bungenstock!
    • New lesson "Travis Picking Rhythm II"New lesson from Chris Shofner!
    • New lesson "80's Made Easy"New lesson from Darius Wave!
    • New lesson "Southern Rock Grooves"New lesson from Diego Budicin!
    • New lesson "Tastes of Harmonic Major"New lesson from Chris Harrington!


    • New thread "Note Correction"PRACTICE ROOM
    • New thread "72 Telecaster Deluxe Roadworn"GEAR
    • New thread "R.i.p Keith Emerson"CHILL OUT
    • New thread "Google Making Music Toys/tools"CHILL OUT
    • New thread "Dr Who/davinci Fans?"CHILL OUT
    • New thread "Games That Feel Like Work?"CHILL OUT
    • New thread "Ngd George Lynch Kamikaze"GEAR
    • New thread "Local Atlanta Metal : Lazerwulf"CHILL OUT
    • New thread "The Mixing & Mastering Thread"PRACTICE ROOM