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    • New lesson "Smooth 80's West Coast"New lesson from Guido Bungenstock!
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    • New lesson "String Skipping Arpeggios Substitutions"New lesson from Dallton Santos!
    • New lesson "Mercyful Fate Riffing"New lesson from Ben Higgins!
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    • New lesson "Blues: Beyond The Minor Pentatonic"New lesson from Jacob Light!
    • New lesson "When Johnny Comes Marching"New lesson from Nicola Mandorino!
    • New lesson "Hot Bluegrass Country Solo"New lesson from Chris Shofner!
    • New lesson "Warming up & Finger Fitness"New lesson from Guido Bungenstock!


    • New thread "Theory Help: Sunshine Of Your Love"THEORY
    • New thread "Earnings Of Some Bands"CHILL OUT
    • New thread "My First Real Full Song..."PRACTICE ROOM
    • New thread "Devil Is In The Dyad"PRACTICE ROOM
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