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    • New lesson "Diminished Responsibility II"New lesson from Ben Higgins!
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    • New lesson "Lydian Augmented Legato"New lesson from Eugen Leonhardt!
    • New lesson "Bendy Blues"New lesson from Chris Harrington!
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    • New lesson "The Who Style"New lesson from Gabriel Leopardi!
    • New lesson "William Tell Overture"New lesson from Nicola Mandorino!
    • New lesson "Country Fusion"New lesson from Chris Shofner!
    • New lesson "Extreme Britain - Cradle Of Filth"New lesson from Ben Higgins!


    • New thread "Hektor Tamer Of Horses Solo Pt 1"PRACTICE ROOM
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    • New thread "Fastest Way To Add Feeling?"PRACTICE ROOM
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    • New thread "Surely We Can All Learn Something From This."CHILL OUT
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    • New thread "That Moment When"CHILL OUT
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