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I'm here to rock the GMC house!
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Andrew Cockburn
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54 years old
Born Feb-27-1967
I've played guitar for around 30 years, starting on classical, then moving to electric later on. I now play mostly for recording of original material with my Partner in crime, (the Mills part of Mills & Cockburn in my website above).

I also enjoy playing with 3d rendering software and computers in general.
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Andrew Cockburn

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20 Mar 2012
Check it out here:

Another great lesson Gitarrero, thanks, and keep it up!
6 Feb 2012
Just arrived, my new Blackstar Club 50 head and 4x12 cab:

Attached Image

I'll either go deaf or my wife will kill me, but either way I'll die happy smile.gif And after just 5 minutes messing around, I am closer than ever to the sound in my head!

Now I need to figure out the best way to record it so I can post clips!

4 Jan 2012
Just found this -

Satch plays SWTA on a cheap knockoff Strat and a practice amp - makes you think about whether that next new expensive piece of your rig is worth it wink.gif
4 Jan 2012
Still on my extended search for tone, after the recent completion of the Cockburn A.C.2 tube amp I am contemplating the purchase of a new amp for my birthday.

The A.C. 1 is a touch sensitive 12W blues amp
The A.C. 2 is a versatile 70s/80s 2W studio rock amp

I am looking for something that combines both of these and adds more gain, but I don't fancy building another amp just yet. The A.C.1 is very lacking in Gain, the A.C. 2 doesn't do cleans very well and is not very touch sensitive.

Here is a clip that I really like - its a touch sensitive lead amp from, listen to the definition at high gain, and then the way it cleans up by rolling the volume back, I really like that smile.gif

AX84 LeadII Clip

After some research, I think the Bogner Alchemist might be close to what I want. It has California cleans, some nice crunch and pretty high gain when cranked. I liked this clip, it sounds very touch sensitive too:

Bogner Alchemist

I know this is a cheapie Chinese Bogner, not the real deal but it was designed by Reinhald himself and sounds pretty decent to me.

So, my question is, does anyone have one of these and do they like it? Can anyone suggest an alternative in this price range (sub $1000 for a 2x12 combo)?

I want versatility both for gigging (if I ever do again) but also for recording - the Bogner falls down for this as it is a 40W beast and I will likely have to use an attenuation for recording. A lower power studio version of the bogner would probably be ideal as I could mike it up and put ti through the PA for gigs, but there is also something compelling about having a decently powered amp to play with smile.gif
25 Dec 2011
Hi All!

Myself and Mr Evans wanted to give a present to all of GMC - here it is, a collaboration with a Christmas theme.

We had a blast putting this together and I'd like to thank Mr. Evans for some extremely tasty playing!

*** Minor Smut Warning ***

The theme is very slightly adult and there is some mild innuendo in there so don't listen if such things offend you!

Ok ... enjoy, and let us know what you think!
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Daniel Realpe
Happy birthday Andrew!
27 Feb 2010 - 16:54
hey just wanna say thank you for the great theory lessons!
Hope to get this now...
28 Jun 2009 - 1:18
Happy Birthday! :)
27 Feb 2009 - 20:59
Marek Rojewski
Happy birthday Andrew!
27 Feb 2009 - 8:43
Happy Birthday Andrew, have a great day.
27 Feb 2009 - 0:09


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