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It's not the goal - it's the journey.
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39 years old
Stockholm, Sweden
Born Sep-12-1981
Guitar, music, fishing, Internet. Discovering new challenges in life.
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Kristofer Dahl

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23 Jun 2021
Hi guys,

We have just added ten new blues licks by Diego, check them out here.

Attached Image

If you do not have an active subscription the link above won't work, but you can still check them out by keeping track of the daily blues lick.
14 Jun 2021
Hey GMC!

I have been working with Ken behind the scenes to come up with a new collab concept!

We wanted to make sure there was something in it for everybody - so we ended up with a track I would describe as Vai-meets-Slash-meets-GMC ??

Attached File  Vai_meets_Slash_collab.mp3 ( 2.16MB ) Number of downloads: 128

The idea is that we record over whichever section(s) we like. I will then mix it all together and try to add some vocals as well.

Here are the sections:

00:02 - 00:23 C Lydian

00:24-00:44 C - Ab - F (power chords) - try C minor pentatonic, C aeolian

00:44 - 01:04 Abmaj7 - Gm7 - Cm11 - F9 - try C minor pentatonic, C Dorian, C aeolian

Tempo: 92 bpm

* For best results, please send me your guitar only file without any reverb or delay
* To facilitate my mixing, please send me your track starting from "point 0" (ie from the first count-in)

Looking forward to hear what you think!
4 Jun 2021
To many of us, Cael needs no introduction...

Attached Image

Admittedly this was a while back though - more specifically you are looking at 14 year old Cael ?

However as his beard grew, so did his musical skills! Here you can see one of his first GMC progress videos, from 2013 with Cosmin:

Fast forward to 2017 - and you can see he started developing jamming chops as well as a new level of technique and precision:

Just this progress would have been more than enough reason to celebrate. However one of the things that intrigues me with Cael is his constant strive for improvement. And most importantly, he is not afraid of expanding his search beyond the boundaries of his perceived limitations. He believes in his ability to acquire new areas of expertise. He goes all in - and BAM he does it. Let me show you what I mean -

In 2015 he started Gabriel's composition workouts:

Here you can hear the embryo of his song writing skills. It's obviously raw & instrumental - but it is packed with hooks and motivic development. Or as we say in the business - killer riffs!

Fast forward to 2021...

If you are in a hurry, listen from 00:55 - where Cael clearly shows us that if his song needs singing - he will learn to sing!


Now the reason we enjoy hanging out with Cael is not just because of his amazing progress that inspires us all, or his killer song writing ideas which has sparked several GMC collaborations.

No, it's actually for egotistical reasons - we enjoy Caels company so much. Constantly positive - Cael spreads a vibe that makes the GMC forum a better place, every day.

So Cael - thanks so much for being around. I am pretty sure you have inspired more people than we know about - and I know many more are to come. You are a Legend at GMC.

Keep doing what you do ❤️
2 Jun 2021
I am really digging the fact that we have some very "listenable" tunes in the GMC radio. I just keep rotating our playlist ?

However our tastes are obviously different. So please vote in this poll - and if you have any ideas what you would like to do for the next collab let us know here!

Especially if you have never participated in a collab before - we are listening to you! Collabs are the best way to make progress, even if you just end up submitting one single lick.
21 May 2021
Attached Image
A "Captcha" can look like this

Some people have reported problems with frequent captchas. Since these are shown algorithmically (meaning a machine decides who to show them to) it is very hard for me to test if this is an issue.

Thanks for sharing your experience.
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hey kris are you still gonna make that songwriting tutorial!!!!
15 Oct 2009 - 4:04
Happy Birthday Captain Kris ;) - John
12 Sep 2009 - 17:22
Happy birthday, "El Jefe" :D
12 Sep 2009 - 16:40
Emrah Almış
Hi Kristofer did you receive my message or e-mail
i wonder
22 Jul 2009 - 14:57
Hey Kris. I wonder if you got my message. It´s quite important for me...
8 Apr 2009 - 17:30
Hey Kris :)
Just wanted to say it again: U Rock!
Keep on ;)
20 Feb 2009 - 22:58
Muris Varajic
Hilarious interview with Andrew,made me laugh indeed!! LOL
25 Dec 2008 - 1:27
Ian Bushell
The Fench video was brilliant i've showed it to so many friends this side! Awesome track and hilarious commentary at the same time!
18 Oct 2008 - 11:11
Rousseau Mannan
Hey Kris, check out my new topic on Indian Classical Theory. Would like to get some feedback from you.
16 Oct 2008 - 6:13
Heyyy Kris, you have a great french accent ! (just seen on UG) Didn't know that :D
Have a nice day, you trilingual guitarist ! :)
8 Oct 2008 - 8:55


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