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16 Apr 2015
Hi GMC!!

Don't know if it's the right forum, I apologize if it's not. Anyway, I was jamming the other day, felt kinda good about it and ended up recording some of it. Too bad the camera sucks and having to play quietly sucks (I live in a student dorm) and yes, at times even the playing does suck. Not like, suck, tough.

I'm having trouble embedding the video, here's the straight link:

So, my story! I've been playing the guitar for a lot of years now, probably almost 7-8 years now. However, I only got serious about it maybe 4 years ago, and even that lasted for maybe a year or so... ever since then it's been ups and downs, practicing intensively for a few weeks, not playing for months, trying to make a song, forgetting all about it... I'm sure a lot of you can relate. huh.gif

This winter, however, feels like having changed things for me. I realized that at some point I had gotten so bored with the guitar I had subconsciously put a cork in my development, thinking I couldn't improve anymore. Not like I was such a good player - I mean, I had some skills, but mostly my touch with music was quite naïve even though my technique wasn't so bad. Anyway, I realized I could still improve. I could learn all the stuff I always dreamed of playing - Mr. Lavendell's lessons, mostly.

And I fell in love with Muris' lessons here. He's incredible (and so are the rest of the instructors!). Lately I've been practicing a lot even though my studies take a lot of time, learning lessons level 6, even 7... I find it ihard to believe but it's true. I'd like to put up some REC's but I have no decent speakers and I don't know how I can do a REC take without. The sound of metronome tapping would suck even if I just added the backing, and I can't play without the tempo. Not good enough for the band in Whiplash, obviously... tongue.gif laugh.gif

So, anyway. I took that little jam video (no metronome here, either). It would be nice to hear some thoughts of it. It's really just fooling around with some unrelated ideas, but still. Here's what I've come up with:

- my way of holding the pick is funny; I'm working on it since it does get in the way of my strumming, and it's getting better.
- The rhythmic portions are pretty lousy; I should work on making smoother transitions between the melody lines and the rhythm; also the transitions between different ideas could be better so that it doesn't sound like just a bunch of licks
- I repeat that pull-off / hammer-on bluesy lick a lot... or more like I repeat a similiar lick a lot. It's a bad habit since hearing it so much gets boring
- it wouldn't be so bad to stick with an idea for a few more seconds; some of those work better than others.
- I should put more thought into the melody and the chords I'm using, really think through the theory. Not like think it really hard every time, but it definitely needs some work.

Besides these I think I did a pretty good job on this, what do you think? cool.gif
17 May 2012
Hi, the Search option in the upper-right side of the site hasn't been working for me at all in a while. All I ever get is a "you searched for" and some random lessons.

Anyone else experience this same problem?
5 Jan 2012
Hiya, I like jazzy chord progressions and I know that one way to make a piece of music more interesting is to use modulations... but how do they work in fact? I know that the circle of fifths is useful there and that modulating into the fourth or fifth note is good (or is it? biggrin.gif), but I have little knowledge concerning how to use them in practice. Could you help me out? smile.gif
19 Nov 2011
Hi, thought I'd share this with you. An amazing musician. And yes, the tuning knobs! laugh.gif

9 Sep 2011
I know there's been a thread or two (biggrin.gif) about Devin but I don't think he's a musician that can be praised too much easily. In my opinion he's one of the most creative metal players (and singers) out there.

This is an instrumental from him, featuring a great solo at the beginning.

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