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Every Saturday there is a new QUICK LICKS challenge in my Forum!

"Guitar isn't a skill, it's a way of being."
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Todd Simpson
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Atlanta, Georgia, USA
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Teaching guitar, learning new styles and techniques, meeting musicians from around the world online, practicing as much as possible.

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Todd Simpson

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15 Feb 2020
I think this may be the best guitar ever built by anyone anywhere. I'm a bit of a IBBY NUT so I may be biased.

15 Feb 2020
Overloud Has Just released a new pack. This is the Kemperish feature of overloud doing some Fender Amps. Whaddya think? As good as the real thing? not as good? Better?

14 Feb 2020
Magic Santa will give you ONE and only ONE of the new IBBY prestige line. I'm drooling over these. They have finally started making cool RG prestige models again with the magical 17mm profile wizar neck and a variety of finished and pickups. God bless em. Which one is for you?
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11 Feb 2020
You wake up one day stuck on a desert island with your dream guitar, a nice Marshal Cabinet and the processor of your dreams. Which one is it? Kemper? Axe FX? BIAS plugin? Overloud Plugin?You can only choose one and you can't ever change or update it.

Your stuck on a desert island it. Which one would you choose to have, AND WHY?

10 Feb 2020
One of the cool things from NAMM 2020 as the new ZOOM pedal board. What do you guys think about this and what do you think was the coolest thing you saw from NAMM 2020?

Also, they have a lower priced PRS line. Is it just me or are the PRS guitars CRAZY priced?

I'm not all that impressed by the "POLYPHIA" trend in Ibanez guitars to roastt the neck and remove the double locking trem, but these are sure trendy. What do you think?

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I saw your post on Stylus Picks and I was wondering how easy it was to transfer to a normal guitar pick after practicing with one of them. I was also wondering if I should consider the booklet that it comes with. I can AP at 180 BPM(sixteenth notes) and I am still interested in becoming faster. I want to hit the 240 range at the very least.
Thank You,
21 Nov 2011 - 8:26
Great work on the mix for our project! You're awesome!
28 Jan 2011 - 9:13
We really enjoy you at the chats. :) I would be thrilled to have you make some video lessons too! :D
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