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Every Saturday there is a new QUICK LICKS challenge in my Forum!

"Guitar isn't a skill, it's a way of being."
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Todd Simpson
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Teaching guitar, learning new styles and techniques, meeting musicians from around the world online, practicing as much as possible.

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20 Apr 2019
Notre Dame caught fire and the roof burned. It's a tragic loss to the entire world and more so for France. It's part of the French soul. Good news is people started donating money right away to fix it. Bad news is that many Billionaires donated so much money that regular people are now getting angry about money gap. If rich folks can spare this much money, then surely they can pay enough tax to get tax hikes on fuel off of the backs of the working people, or so the thinking goes.

Most rich folks get rich the old fashioned way, they are born in to it. Just like our President Mr. Trump. They have rich parents. There are enough folks that make it on their own to give the idea of "earning it" to give it credence. In truth, this is the first generation of workers (Millenials) that are expected to worse off than their parents.

20 Apr 2019
Anyone else watching KNIGHTFALL on the history channel? LUKE SKYWALKER is in it this season playing a Templar. It's about the fall of the knights templar and is very well made. History channel is doing some very cinematic stuff. Just don't see the epic stuff other than HBO it seems. Or maybe I just am missing it?

15 Apr 2019
Anyone else watching the last season?

13 Apr 2019
In this Quick Licks, we continue looking at "Sweep/Arp" style licks. This one is what I call a "HalfPeggio" since it's an arpeggio through only one octave instead of two. It traverses half the strings, instead of all of them. It's a good way to work on your sweep picking and your overall sweep/arp technique. You can pick it any way that works for you, honestly play it any way that works for you. I notate my picking in the first bar to let you see how I'm doing it. I added the Tab at the end of this video (first time trying this).

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10 Apr 2019

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I saw your post on Stylus Picks and I was wondering how easy it was to transfer to a normal guitar pick after practicing with one of them. I was also wondering if I should consider the booklet that it comes with. I can AP at 180 BPM(sixteenth notes) and I am still interested in becoming faster. I want to hit the 240 range at the very least.
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21 Nov 2011 - 8:26
Great work on the mix for our project! You're awesome!
28 Jan 2011 - 9:13
We really enjoy you at the chats. :) I would be thrilled to have you make some video lessons too! :D
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