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"Guitar isn't a skill, it's a way of being."
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Teaching guitar, learning new styles and techniques, meeting musicians from around the world online, practicing as much as possible.

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28 Jul 2021
Ex Slipknot drummer Joey Jordinson passed away in his sleep and now I just read that Dusty from ZZ Top has also passed. R.I.P. both men gave us some great music.


28 Jul 2021
Not guitar related but I was moved by this and thought I'd share it smile.gif This father, who is a robotics engineer, built an assistive mechanical suit for his son who is wheelchair bound. He built an entire company around it and sells these to hospitals and such. Seems like a great Dad. Eventually, as the suits get smaller/lighter, they may get to the point where they even fit under clothing. I've seen many projects like this but most are military based.

28 Jul 2021
I’m always on the lookout for a good buy on a new axe. This has been a tough year for finding axes that I’ve been wanting to add to my collection and i”ve broadened my horizons a bit to start looking at guitars made outside of Japan (in the case if Ibanez) and guitars that are in the below $500 range which is roughly the starter point on modern guitars. So whether you are just starting out, or just want to add another pony to your stable of guitars, here are a few Axes that play well and won’t break the bank.


I’ve never owned a Yamaha electric, I have had a Yamaha classical which I liked quite well. If you guys have owned any Yamaha electrics, please do share your experience in this thread. They have a new electric guitar called the PACIFICA 112. It’s got an Adler body, maple neck with 25.5 scale length, alnico pups in HSS config and a 2 point non locking trem. The best part may be the price. Similar to the new Affinity Squire series this is priced at $300.
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Never far from view in any budget discussion is the Squier line. This Strat from venerable Fender has a pine body, maple neck with 25.5 scale, and 3 alnico pups in traditional SSS config. Also a non locking 2 point trem as is traditional. This is not the cheapest Strat in the range as that is taken by the Affinity series which start at $250. This one is a bit better in tems of materials and probably overall fit and finish as well. At least one would hope so. These do run a bit more at $430.
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PRS makes some very nice guitars as everyone knows. They are not cheap by any measure and have a very avid following among musicians. This guitar features a mahogany body, maple neck, rosewood fingerboard (getting rare these days to see rosewood given the restrictions) 24 frets at 25 inch scale and two humbuckers in HH config. The 5 way pup switch gives a wide tonal versatility and the materials are quite nice. This is a nice looking instrument from a top tier builder and I’m stoked that they are only $550.

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Not to be left behind Fender, Gibson has the EPIPHONE line for modestly priced guitars. This is the les expensive version of a true classic. It features a mahogany body, 24.75 inch scale, two alnico humbuckers and four way volume/tone knobs with a selector switch. If you want a Les Paul and don’t want to go broke getting in to a new one at the top tier, this is a great place to start and it can be had for $450.

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If you are in the mood for a Gretsch, nothing else will quite do because these are somewhat unique instruments. They are big, they have that big cavity internally that gives them a distinctive tone. It features a maple body and 22 fret nato neck with 24.75 inch scale with a laurel fingerboard. It does have a somewhat unit control system. It features a master volume knob in addition to volume knobs for each pup and a tone control. If you are into country, jazz, folk, etc. This is a great choice. It’s an axe with wads of heritage and looks cool to boot. It can be yours for $550.
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27 Jul 2021
REAPER and LOGIC and just about any DAW these days, can provide 'Automation". E.G. You can set parameters that change over time. You can turn plugins on and off, etc. So you can switch from a clean to a lead tone on the same track. You can automate a pitch change instead of using a pitch shift pedal or switching to different guitar.

Here is OLA talking about using automation to make changes for live playback in Logic. I've not used it for stuff like this but its' a very cool approach. You can also synch up your daw to control stage lights much the way Meshuggah have done for quite some time. Any parameter can be automated, not just volume which is the most often automated value.

Are you guys doing anything like this?

27 Jul 2021
looks like Gibson guitars are going in to the record biz. They have signed Slash up. Maybe they will start signing up other Gibson players as a cross promotional sort of thing? What do you guys think? Great idea leading to great guitar music or simple cross promotion or both?
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I saw your post on Stylus Picks and I was wondering how easy it was to transfer to a normal guitar pick after practicing with one of them. I was also wondering if I should consider the booklet that it comes with. I can AP at 180 BPM(sixteenth notes) and I am still interested in becoming faster. I want to hit the 240 range at the very least.
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Great work on the mix for our project! You're awesome!
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