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"Guitar isn't a skill, it's a way of being."
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Todd Simpson
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Teaching guitar, learning new styles and techniques, meeting musicians from around the world online, practicing as much as possible.

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23 Oct 2021
Yup. Look like facebook is changing their name. All the good will and bad will has to focus on a new brand. seems like they will change it to "metaverse". Hmm. Ok. Seem strange?

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21 Oct 2021
Yup. It's evidently a thing smile.gif

21 Oct 2021
Not guitar related and hopefully not political but I wanted to share this. It's a video of a robot (not really an AI from what I can see) giving a sermon in a budhist temple. It reminded me of movies i've seen where religion becomes a bit soulless and automated.

This scene from THX1138 came to mind.

21 Oct 2021
Saw this tutorial and was way impressed by the sheer amount of power available on a modern iphone. Real time keying is just the start. Also real time camera tracking allowing you to export the camera data and put 3D objects in the scene. This type of thing required massive hardware not that long ago and now it can be done in a phone.

Check out this swamp solo lesson
21 Oct 2021
Lets continue looking at the current trend of Mini Amps. One more Friedman is going to round out the offerings from the quasi vintage/quasi modern builder.

The RUNT is a 20 watt all tube mini head that brings 2 channel flexibility to the Mini head lineup. It’s got the same two El84 power tubes as the Mini Dirty Shirley and has 3 12ax7s in the preamp section. Unlike the other units mentioned, it does have a “clean” channel. Being a 2 channel amp allows this one to be a bit more versatile and more gig worthy. The gain channel has a boost switch and gain knob as well as global presence control for tone shaping. The amp has a very wide tonal palette that runs from rock all the way to metal. Also, this one features a cabl simulated XLR output for sending to front of house or audio interface. Also, the amp doesn’t require a speaker load. So you can plug it in and play using just the XLR out. Like the other units, it also features an effects loop. All this can be yours for about $1,400.

*Here is a demo by Mr ‘Big Hairy Guitars” himself.

Not to be outdone, Bogner have released their own Mini amp line as well. Let’s look at the Bogner Mini Ecstasy. This is a true “Mini” amp. Unlike the very price Friedman units that are really just smaller versions of their bigger amps, this is an actual mini following the tube preamp/solid state power stage formula. As a result, this amp is much cheaper than the tube/tube mini friedman. These run just over $300 which is quite affordable. It’s got a lot to live up to when they called it an Ecstasy. It’s a 30 watt amp with presence, treble, middle, bass and gain knobs. It also has 3 tone shaping toggle switches. Put this all together and you have a wide sonic palette to play with. You can go from vintage tones to face melting high gain. There is also a built in Variac and an effects loop. It does not feature a tube power section, but that can’t be expected at this price point.

*Here is a Demo featuring Mr Bogner himself guesting.

Joining in the fun is Diezel. Of course they put out pedal versions of some of their amps a bit back and now just add a solid state power section and wrap it in tolex and bam. Of course it’s a much more affordable option. The Diezel VH Micro 30 watt can be yours just over $300. Notice a pattern? These mini amps are all priced along the same lines when they follow the tube/solid state approach. This one is based on the legendary VH4 third channel which is it’s high gain channel. It’s built for rock and metal. Controls include master, treble, middle, bass and gain knobs. You also get the “Deep / Presence” controls and an effects loop. You can run two cabs off this thing if you want to. It’s loud enough to keep up with a drum kit. You can get a clean sound out of this but that’s not what it’s built for. It’s another one trick pony for the most part, but it’s quite a trick.

*Here is a demo of the VH Micro

These mini/micro amps have become a “thing” to be sure and there is a web site devoted to them. Here is the link.

Mini head web site

I did a review of an early mini head from Orange Amps. It was the Jim Root mini Signature amp. It did sound great and it was very loud. Sadly, they don’t make these anymore. You can find them on the used market, but it was a bit ahead of it’s time. Had it been released during this current flood of mihis it would have competed quite well Imho.

My Jim Root Mini Head Review

*Check out this vintage rock lesson
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I saw your post on Stylus Picks and I was wondering how easy it was to transfer to a normal guitar pick after practicing with one of them. I was also wondering if I should consider the booklet that it comes with. I can AP at 180 BPM(sixteenth notes) and I am still interested in becoming faster. I want to hit the 240 range at the very least.
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21 Nov 2011 - 8:26
Great work on the mix for our project! You're awesome!
28 Jan 2011 - 9:13
We really enjoy you at the chats. :) I would be thrilled to have you make some video lessons too! :D
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